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For him. Really good savings good for Stalin. Is Bill do campaigns. All the deaths of ten pounds L. Yeah Station. A lot of military campaigns have resulted in mass devastation. For a lot of people throughout the world is hues are pretty good too roussel figure whether or not it's like a horrible dictator. Oh yeah there's this one. Great Quote From The Wall Street Journal by Max Hastings and he says that Napoleon is controversial controversial because he thought of as either an enlightened despot who laid the foundations of modern Europe. Or instead a megalomaniac who rob greater misery than any man. Before the coming of Hitler pretty bad so you have these two and you know and he still studied today in military school in a strategy which I think is hilarious because his strategy was Surround myself with other people that have seen opportunity and have used it for their advancement. That was all he did. He was surrounded himself by good people. It's Business WanNa one so so I told you all about to tell you. This sexting is not a new thing back in the day you just had to use pen and paper to draw your little eggplant and peach emojis and pray to God that the mail carrier your didn't intercept anything because I'm sure was way more reliable back. Oh Oh it was. You'll find out how unreliable and actually was. Naturally you being away from your sick other is tough so the newlyweds wrote these incredibly Raunchy letters to each other like there is nothing on foreign. That could have prepared. Take these letters to hear a little excerpt sure. They just want to paint the picture though. I am more flushed reading these than I am watching the most absurd porn that you could imagine all right let me start out. December seventeen ninety five Napoleon. How can I rest anymore when I yield the feeling that master's my in most itself when I cough from your lips and from your heart a scorching flame? Yes one night has taught me how far you're portrait falls short of yourself. You start at midday in three hours. I shall see you again till then a thousand kisses meal dose. Am Y but give me none back for fourth. Set My blood on fire. That's not that Raj. I'm going to get there okay. Seventeen ninety six Napoleon a kiss on your heart and one much lower down much lower how happy I would be if I could assist you. You're addressing the little firm white abreast the adorable face the hair tied up in a scarf. Allah Creel and then someone like the race. Your stuff would say I'm GonNa be home in a few days. Don't take a shower shower. Because he was obsessed with like you don't have it. Sounds like you liked it. A little bit liked it a lot. He was obsessed like ripe. Yeah there's there's there's this one commercial from like decades ago and I think it was European I watched A. I've had exposure to a lot of television. So I'm not sure where this aired food because I have a hard time imagining would have aired in Puritan United States labor. But there isn't a Polian and he's in his tent on campaign and and he takes a piece of cheese and puts it over his nose and goes Josephine. I remember like I didn't get it at the time. Of course I but Through my research here again for this episode I stumbled across that commercial. Remember this Oh with again boost. The commercials was selling cheese. That's a weird commercial. I I thought it was a trip and a half. I was reading sticks at your by but I don't think it would have by that. She I I let girls and cheese after watching Ching that I'd wanted neither of them. He had a pet name for her downstairs. Mix Up the Baron Day Koeppen. Nobody knows why the hell he called her genitalia. That no clue and she did something something in bed called zigzags which is another mystery. As far as what the Hell Batman all these little code stuff that they had just like how people do now they have a little pet names so they have little acumen with at one time. It's super cute. But there's trouble in paradise. Napoleon's ladders also revealed that his wife didn't answer him quite as quickly as he would've liked so they'd have these gnarly arguments via snail mail until Napoleon. Here's Josephine had started hooking up with young men of the sexy variety we and so. He writes the super angry letter to her about her affair which the British intercept and then widely published embarrassed most British thing ever. It is Wilson same thing. People love publishing naughty letters in Britain. So it's hilarious military tactic. This was before Harriet. Ah this predated her. So Napoleon has this letter published with all of these intimate details about his personal life. What's going on with him and his wife and his marriage uh not stoked but he goes fine and he proceeded to have no less than twenty one affairs while he's on this campaign? Yeah Retaliation Plus Zero Frisk. I kind of assumed US already. You seem already that he's not going to be faithful to anybody. Comes with the territory. I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying the expectation you don't expect us is to be faithful. Maybe maybe maybe not like. Well that's what I wonder is. I'm not even Hitler but is there any royal person who has ever have been faithful. Is there any leader. That's ever been faithful. Is that just think Hitler was either. Yeah because we assume that just comes with the territory. Celebrity ruler ruler. Pick a lot of these guys to have one track minds. There's just so much shit like I can't imagine. Being any of these dictators sounds exhausted. You know there's pushes somebody constantly that need your attention it's like renting a business you're on you're on the clock time but it's a nation state which they run like businesses. Yeah that's the that's the mentality again. I'm not saying that's right but the mentality of these people is. It's their business so used to doing this. Mostly just to get back in her though. Yeah Yeah I think this is kind of retaliation fares before this. I think it was kind of like. She awoken that passion in him. He got obsessive over her. She was like chill l. out right and then he did it out of retaliation just because of the way that he approached sex before her that change after. Do you think it was mechanical. It was do you think I think with her was not mechanical. Would I think with the retaliation had a motivation. So that sex was going to be more. I don't even think intimates the right word but I'm not a forceful is not the word I'm looking for either. But I think he would have very aggressive sex because it's angry to speculating. That's total speculation. Relation he could have been from what I gathered. He was actually really good like as far as taking care of his mistresses go. He made sure when he was done dating somebody they yeah they were set up. Kids were taken care of. He legitimized a lot of his bastards to it really was he actually. That was something he was really passionate about with slake the father's role the man's role the husband's role in the home kind of a thing as misogynistic and backwards as he was for you know now with the knowledge that we have he was he he really did. Make sure that everybody was taken care of the time who's right he was he was. That was a stand up thing at the time to do to make sure your mistresses were paid. They were taking care of kids. Were taken care of when they were done dating. He made sure they got married to somebody. Reputable who could take care of them. Good people so in that regard standup guy so he is having all these affairs that resulted in several children. Like I said But the most interesting out of these he's tens of affairs was by far his relationship with Paulina for a now. Pauline husband actually brought her along on this campaign. The which you weren't allowed to do so. She was disguised in uniform and she was undetected amongst all these guys for fifty four days which is impressive. That is now Napoleon's in Egypt so they roll up and go to Alexandria where he's hanging out and the police finds out that there's an officer's wife in tow. So he reacts by going like. Hey Pauline stay here in Egypt with me while your husband goes back to France on this mission. I'm sending him on date so how Goes on this mission. He gets back. Haven Pauline get divorced like immediately and Pauline earned the nickname cleopatra from the scandal. The episodes and now a word from our sponsors back to the show so Josephine. Napoleon eventually meet up but their marriage marriage was short-lived. Unfortunately as Emperor Napoleon had to be concerned about producing an heir to the Throne Josephine for whatever reason introducing her. She couldn't get pregnant she was infertile. She had a botched abortion when she was younger. She was under a lot of stress with this. Who knows but she? She couldn't and get pregnant in Napoleon's careers best interest the couple decided to divorce so he could remarry and provide a shoe. Sounds like Napoleon tied to move they were org however both really broken up about it and they cried during the doors. Proceedings and Josephine was very dutiful about the whole thing. Like she's recorded. You're saying with the permission of my dear an August husband. I declare that no longer preserving any hope of having children to satisfy the political need for an Air Erin France I proudly offer him the greatest proof of love and devotion ever given to a husband on this earth and pulling himself was devoted to her for the rest of her life and he allowed her to keep her very much beloved living quarters that Chateau and she continued to have have a nice life for the most part when he found out she died some years later when he was in exile and he was remarried and all that he locked himself in his bedroom for two days and wouldn't come out and when he died years and years and years later supposedly the very last thing he said was her name. He said just being I I think he really loved her Rosebud. Joseph e need drops the snow an appalling ended up remarrying marie-antoinette's great niece the nineteen year old Austrian. Marie Louise and she wasn't too pleased with the arrangement. Considering during her great aunt had her head lopped off in France and Napoleon had been leading big ass military campaigns against her country for years and years. So Marie Louise said and I quote just just to see the man would be the worst form of torture so not stoked on Napoleon. But she doesn't really have a choice so she now she gets her that all she was. Yeah difference it does matter like sorry. Well sorry not sorry there. It wasn't all that bad though. Fortunately for her. That's a rarity as far as arranged Rome heritage's go most of the time. They're not very pleasant but after their wedding. Napoleon seemed to grow on her a little bit. She wrote a letter to her father saying you know he loves me very much. I respond to his love sincerely really. There's something very fetching very eager about him. That is impossible to resist weird athletics on your dad throwing that out there now maybe. I don't think it's that graphic graphic loves me very much. I respond to his love sincerely so I really do like I. There is something very fetching and very eager about him that it's impossible to resist Seattle bike gutter because the chef probably most people. Oh I think times like right with that really totally mean letters were very passionate really took their time. It's not like yeah all this was gonna be something that you had to send out. They were going to get it in six weeks. It's like you're actually absolutely put a lot of ha ha. I would imagine it would be something more. Because of the way it wasn't a quick text message it would be something like that is amused me. Far greater than any parlance that has ever been uttered to this time flowery flowery language through unfortunately for Napoleon and likely fortunate for the rest of Europe. Things started falling apart around this time that he did remarry which was like eighteen. O Seven eighteen tennis Portugal Spain called Britain. Like Hey I know you guys are sick of this shit as we are right..

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