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Bumps to protect. That's wow, that's so convoluted. But okay, Luke, here's one from Britain's Sunday sport newspaper. Greg's pass St. boiled by bell. And what does that mean? Greg's past the boiled my bell. And yes. Somebody made a breakfast roll and threw it at someone else's backside at Windsor Castle. Those things happen at Windsor Castle note, Greg's past the oil, my Belen means a man bought a pastry. Apache from the restaurant chain Greg's tried to have sex with it burned his bell. Windsor castle. One more for you. This is from those eland shaft to have spuds chosen. What does that mean? Well, this was obviously potato grower. Potatoes were judged to be the finest potatoes. All of New Zealand. You're correct. So fine. We're this man's potatoes that they were chosen to serve to Harry and Megan when they toured the country. Good at Windsor Castle. Percent. All right panel. Some more questions for you from the week's news. Helen, many parents are complaining about one of twenty eight teams must have holiday toys..

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