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Who else is gonna stay in a nice hotel. It's not like it's a billion dollars but you know. I love going to the center of city where it's safe and comfortable and thing in a beautiful modern hotel trying their you know if you like I stayed at a hotel in la. I don't know if it was the no matter but they deleted cool little hotels. They got a pool to top a dope restaurant. You sit there you ordering room service if you want. You got your bathrobe on your this. It's a fantastic. Feeling you stay at the center of city rented a fantastic car when you're there and you know that's that's the best of life you sit in luxury you drive you go to the best restaurant you come back to the hotel. Everything is taken care of. There's no maintenance there's no nothing but you pay to play and you worked for. That's that is a fantastic. But that's not really a vanity true you know i have little ran little silly things japanese snacks. That are bad for you. You know gourmet chocolate. Which at the end of the day really isn't good for you. Especially when you consume it on a level of junkie in like a a junk food. John food is i have a lot of different really bad things and you know i do need to go through a major cleanse phase right now you know because i'm just fucking up but you know i mean. I used to have not drug problems. But i mean i used to love drinking serapin hamill issues but now you know. I just avid addictive personality. You know. I like to collect things. I'm a collector. Uc babri cars. You name it. Whatever so now from my boy michael rapaport. He just said something. That just hit me so hard. He's like look if you haven't worn in three months get fucking rid of it nelson. Holy shit man. I have so much. Shit i just wanted to. I went to a friend of mine's house. Various accessible designer owns a sneaker company. He was just had a beautiful home. You show me a house. Went to his closet. This guy has you know maybe eight nine million dollar house. At the time about ten million. And hollywood hills i go in his clauses clubs about a thousand square feet and i thought he was fucking with me. I thought he had to moved in yet or nothing and his closet was beautiful and it was all white carpet was white every it was just gorgeous room and he had black t. shirts to white t shirts like a jacket. Five pairs of black jeans in like three presence shoes. everything was recalled. Wants you know it was expensive brands in the world. And that's all he had. I was like bro. Please tell me like you have a shit load of clothes somewhere else. He's like bro. This is it right here. I'm just. I was like i was so taken back by it. Does its job style. You know what i'm saying. Steve jobs were the same day. Some people like that. But that's not you bro. Just saying that 'cause cosworth three hundred million dollars you what i'm saying. Where's uniglory day. You know unit glows like show. But i know it was just something. I was curious bob because sometimes when we're on the phone we're talking about random things to business here and there. I felt like on the show as let me find out a little bit more about maximum. I wanna know about you know what i mean like so thought i'd ask look broke. Were over an hour now in this interview. But i do have to ask this. Because i don't want you to come on the fourth time in the next week. I want to spread it. Because i got other jewelers were jealous now. Like yo bro. How the fox has gone on the show. Three times on because i could speak english. Tell them so to pivot last last. Okay last question. How deep were you in. The crypto bro. Well i'll tell you how the minute i recognize it as a currency and i accept it through bid pay. I accept dodge coin bitcoin so on so forth on the website. And you know. I my play in in doing so as to help it become a currency and i expect you would do the same on ifm code dot com or you bid pay yet or are you. I don't know if you do. But yeah so i was the first joy business to accept cryptocurrency About nine years ago fantastic and perhaps on the second perhaps not but nonetheless You know the point being. Is that now right this This isn't banana books from our member. Remember back in the day banners used to click. You panetta bucks or something that and you get yourself a t shirt or some this cryptocurrency doj coin. What have you a bitcoin. Now you can buy expensive of luxurious items that gives the power to the user and they don't have to rely on a central bank. And i believe in it. You believe in it we take. The currency will exchange it. We're creating the system of belief that is going to create a foundation for freedom from fraud of the federal reserve and the stock market manipulation which has been plaguing this society in deteriorating society and people don't understand that and here comes this saving grace at this incredible time. That's how i feel about it. But i don't buy and hold and pump and dump. I sit and i'm making sure that i play my part into making it into a financial instrument as good as the dollar. You know all face to the dollar. But when they print the money disappears and a goals here and there. And it's an afghanistan on you know or wherever it is. It's not good for a for society. It's not managed. Well it's good enough that there's a counterpart to a global currencies. That are called cryptocurrencies. And i realized that. Now it's not a game. You take the money you go to i f in or tracks nyc or wherever you wish that the where people are ahead of the game and you buy gold diamonds. Whatever it is. I mean that's where i bought my ferrari ninety for roughly around. You know thirty to bitcoin okay. Now at the time. Bitcoin was hitting really high. Fucking number. okay. Now the crazy part about all of.

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