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The radio it's a bright sunshiny albeit windy afternoon here at at and t park where the giants and the arizona diamondbacks the first place team in the west open a threegame series i'm john miller today's bocce but the skipper of the giants and boats first off the giants today in the first round of the draft had the second pick and they drafted a catcher named joey bart the tigers took the pitcher that everybody was talking about casey is the giants went for joey barton's out of georgia tech i guess what do i know this is a different department and then your department you're the manager of the big league club but you must have heard a few things about joey bart the giants draft choice oh i have from our front office and scouts and of course looked at video he's he's oppressive this kid strong kid may just looks you know you know so much more developed than most of his teammates in college and his opponents i mean this this kid came here i guess took batting practice in his right hand hitter was hitting him outright field in he's known for his defense to commit us arm great receiver calls his own game but also led the acc hitting and thank second slugging so you look at how well he's played on both sides of the ball now you see why he's a second pick in the nation now the giants catcher buster posey came to catching rather late because he was already in college when they made the switch he'd been an infielder they converted him into being a catcher but barred i guess has been a catcher for a long time.

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