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Packer after gunfire ripped through two mosques in New Zealand, definitely state that we believe that. There was only one attacker responsible for this horrendous event Zealand national police Commissioner Mike Bush in an update on the investigation this morning, a gun shop owner in Christ Church where both the mosques are located now confirms he sold four weapons to the suspect. Brenton Tarrant fifty people died in the attacks. And dozens more hurt ABC's will car is in Christ Church, so raw and so heartbreaking for all of these people. They instantly want to make sure that there's never happens again. They don't have the second amendment here. So they do believe that they could strengthen their gun laws. The prime minister promising gun reform bills will be ready in the next ten days. Officials in Ethiopia now say after getting data from the deadly crash of a Boeing seven thirty-seven that it bears quote, clear similarity to last year's crash of that same type of plane off Indonesia ABC, senior transportation correspondent David curly. Ethiopians have shared the data with the NTSB. What it says we have no idea other than the transport minister saying that these two crashes appear to be related, but he hasn't given us any evidence or data to explain why he sees similarity one hundred fifty seven people died in the crash in Ethiopia. A federal appeals court will hear arguments today over a loss. Struck down in Kansas that required people to show proof of citizenship before voting several midwestern states being swamped by floodwaters says worst than even what we saw in two thousand eleven and we're just getting started Kim rentals is the governor of Iowa in neighboring Nebraska floodwaters from last week's rains have left hundreds of homes damaged in just one county at least two people have died lift set to speed into its IPO. The Wall Street Journal now says it's putting its valuation at somewhere between twenty one and twenty three billion dollars. You're listening to ABC news..

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