David Platt discussed on Pray the Word with David Platt - #2 Devoted to the Word and Prayer (Acts 2:42)


Pre the word with david platt is a resource from radical action upper two verse forty two and the diverted themselves to the apostles teaching emma fellowship the breaking of bread and the purse this is this is a simple summary of what the earliest church so the gospels just been preached and hachette for two at pentecost and thousands of people just come to christ have been baptized and so for the very beginning what are they do voting themselves to their devoted themselves to the apostles teaching so the teaching of god's word through these apostles who represented christ in his authority that or what we see in the page the new testament that is being taught they devoted themselves to that teaching they devoted themselves to the fellowship this community with one another day these were people who were separate in a sense from one other up until this point other united together in christ reconciled to god and they're devoted to community with one another to the breaking of bread likely a reference to the lord supper and uh this this memorial meal the christ had given so that from the very beginning his people would always look back and remember his body in his blood and and feast on now mercy him grace that are found at the cross the devoted themselves to that end the prayers they were devoted to praying to seeking god together and i i read that images think as such a simple picture so in my life than.

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