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Nba memories examples of that's game. I gotta think. Obviously now that i'm in toronto. Kawhi shot against the philadelphia. Seventy sixers and twenty nineteen playoffs bounce bounce bounce bounce in unbelievable think about ross block turn the Warriors series around for the cavs so many great moments when it comes to the nba. Both on the court and off the court a low players donating three thousand meals to houston during their crisis. That's game i love when the nba to different places in the world. John's vafa campaign basketball clinics around the country. That's game it is a great sport to watch. It's an interesting sport to cover. And we are now in the best time of the year and that is the nba playoffs. The road to the finals is on watch the nba playoffs. Now that's came are mike. So here's what. I wanna finish with And this this is always been interesting to me. know i've written this many times in in print like When i listen to the radio especially my formative years. I liked more edgy. Radio howard stern and people like that. So mike and mike. Yeah mike and mike was not really my thing. I've certainly written this in in print And so one of the things that struck me. When i talk to your boss truck keller who i really i liked. I liked all my dealings with him. I thought he was a really bright guy he ran. espn's audio business including talent and content etc and so we talked about this and i sort of told him. We had a conversation about once about mike. And mike. And i sort of said you know he's like you know you've written a couple of times like richard. You know that you think the shows to vanilla. And i sort of told them why i thought that and i remember. He told me this and this was really interesting. And part of me now understand. It's a little bit more as a parent and he said let me give you the litmus test for mike and mike and why it's sort of like worked for. Espn radio he said. Wanted to get a radio show where kids in the backseat. Driving to school could listen to something. With their moms or dads. That was the kind of show. I ultimately pitch to advertisers. That was the kind of show that we at. Espn wanted in the radio to fit our brand. And i thought that was sort of interesting if you use the litmus test of all right this kids in the back who like sports what can you put on. And who sort of works for them and it gave me a little more insight mike into why i think you connected with so many viewers out there that they felt that your enthusiasm and passion for sports was real even if they didn't necessarily agree with an opinion of yours or if they thought you were to pro. Nfl or not. I think they liked your i. You were sort of unique in you were you. Were you and that to me. I think was why you were successful. It radio and i wonder if you've sort of ever thought about you know most guys don't have your kind of resume and radio. Nobody has this kind of long. Run as you. And mike. And mike did and i wonder if you sort of out thought about least endure end. Why worked why you think you connected to an audience so we were never told you know talk never sat down again because green and i met before a like it was even an audition There was. This is after tony. Bruno had left. There were like thirteen. Different co hosts. They were bringing in to see what my next partner would be. When somebody couldn't come in they would have a person working at. Espn just kind of fill in and green was one of those shots in a green. It was just kind of filling in. But i've told the story many a time you know. My wife heard the first fifteen minutes of the first time we met each other. And she said he sounds kinda geeky but he's the one you know and and you know eighteen years later it turned out pretty well but we were never sat down and said we want to like what trump told you was never told to us This was just how we were. You know so. This is in two thousand when greenie and i started you know. I had three kids by that point. My youngest being six my oldest being eleven eleven eleven years old ten eleven years old greedy had no kids but they were getting close to have a nikki their first so he was getting ready to become a parent. And it's a one thing we both kind of just a side. We didn't sit and talk about. It was just kind of understood until we did say we like it. That's like that. We were going to be more of a family show. We weren't gonna be that are rated we're going to be. Pg thirteen probably of most. We weren't gonna step on the blue line or over the blue line. We we wanted. You know i. it's up. In the beginning anything. My kids did did was going to become content on air and turned out as green as kids were growing through this Through our show is did as well. But we like that but that but we didn't act win. Put back on. Richard that that's kind of who we were you know. My kids mocked me all the time when they're going to do something and certainly for mike when he was going to get into this and we talked about it for really the in any stretch of life interviews jobs. Whatever i give this line of my kids roll our eyes and laugh man. I just be yourself you know. My dad gave me that that that A long long time ago he said some people like it. Some people won't so that's all. I've been for those seventeen eighteen years. That's all i've been i. I've always been kind of a guy you could sit at the bar with have a bear with jute debris you know we've had women come up to us on the on the road during the shows and say you know what just what trump said she said. I appreciate what. I'm driving my kid in school. I never have to have my hand on the dial. Get ready to turn I it's just the way we did the show. But that's naturally how we did this show because people always sale. Espn's telling him to do this do that. I can honestly say. I was never told to do. One thing I it's always just how..

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