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High risk camera that handle voice and motion control sounds really familiar and yes it indeed is sky worked with microsoft four sky glass. Tv so the dream 2013 is still alive friends. We now know what happened to microsoft connect. Good to see i i. I'm so thrilled about this. It does it. We're remember like when everyone was like the connect like had so much promise and guess it didn't go anywhere. No there was still there. There were teams definitely working on this. And now we're seeing that you know the fruits of their labor for ninja joke. I mean everything did well for television watching that. Nobody wanted in. Twenty thirteen is in the sky. Glass tv yeah. I guess the jury is out on whether we still want it or not. Nope i'm right here. And i say they did say that. There's there's there's a huge opportunity for this and to be honest it feels like a product. Whose moment is come. We really turn a corner throughout the pandemic when we kind of accelerated five years in terms of user attitudes to things like video conferencing when zoom and similar. Av communication technology is now something that everybody knows or at least the colloquially everybody i think that now the idea of these smart televisions and having these kinds of social features are just more of a reality than they would be otherwise. Well folks thank you for making it possible to do this. Show we do. We have anybody new in the in the camp. Sarah time god yes we do. We have two new bosses. Matthew and grateful mouths both just started backing us some patron thank you matthew. Thank you grateful. Mouse and for anybody who listens to the show has feedback as questions. Comments feedback daily techniques. Dot com is where to send that feedback to us. We are grateful to you. Grateful mouse and youtube matthew. Yeah to to smart people who knew a easy way to get to get a shout out on the show started back in the show and grateful mouse. I believe is a return patron so thanks for. Thanks.

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