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United some of the some of the production some of the tax excellent claim your pixel magical in Berry magical bass such as an object. Yeah Yeah yeah So so really. My Mom taught. Luckily because I I've been non aligned because I've I've I've had good friends across a whole range of magical intrical traditions. It also places being in a in a fairly neutral place which enables me to talk to people in different groups and in different traditions. Listen to produce texts three scholar in print without saying I am pushing a particular water while I'm pitching a particular personality. I'm not saying I'm not saying come and join my cult right. I'm saying I'm saying you know wasting his information. This is something that you can work with Amazon. That work is what will transform you right. Just going back on what you said that the very beginning and I I'm coming to kiss in one minute and do delegate you write that to US started that interest in a practical way at age. Eighteen ish twenty issue or night. Yeah because because I that makes me really give me a relief because so many people I talk to and into you here and I believed him when day say well I had had my first encounter at age five when I did that. And it makes me feel Did I miss something about myself. And Europol seems quite quite different. I'd say that yeah I mean I. I grew up in a in a fairly secular environment but I went to. I went to the church. School like a status on a Church of England school so I had A. I had another rejection of Christianity. The in our whatever embraced to kind of like like a a nascent. A nascent paganism. In in in terms of me being responding.

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