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And I'm not going to him for years. Shanahan was the youngest NFL coordinator in the history of the league was 28 when he got got the job of the Houston Texans when Gary Kubiak was there. And he grew up in this. I've said this about him for years that this isn't a guy who just, you know, um, started doing this. His dad obviously was in this and was very successful, but he grew up around it. And so when you talk about offensive systems He's one of the best. And so trey Lance gets to go there and learn. Under a guy who gets it now. I don't think Trey Lance is as good as Trevor Laurence. When you talk about just the intangible things that we've been saying in arm strength, and you know, you know, arm talent. All the things that Lawrence brings as a quarterback. That's why I went one overall. But with the right coaching He could become that You know, I think about a guy like Sean Payton, who's with the New Orleans Saints. And the past two seasons. I don't you think about this, because this gets back to coaching, and this gets back to where all these quarterbacks ended up. Whether it's Wilson feels Lawrence Lance Mack Jones, He goes to the Patriots. Kyle Trask ends up in Tampa Now he's not gonna see any playing time now because Tom Brady, but he gets to sit behind the go. Not a bad deal, and he gets to be With a guy like Bruce Arians, who knows the quarterback position. And the same strategy in book I don't know if he ends up being their their long term answer. But Sean Payton over the past two seasons. With eight and one when Drew Brees was out. Adjustments. He brought in Taysom Hill. We all made fun. Never gonna be with that guy he wants. Brought in Teddy Bridgewater. Pride of Bridgewater. Going to Carolina. You're never gonna win with Teddy Bridgewater comes in doesn't do anything but win. Now are they better Quarterbacks and Drew Brees? No. But Sean Payton and his willingness to adjust And do things to the strength of the guys that are playing is why they continue to have success. See coaches who don't do though. Those things that are stingy or selfish. You were going to do it this way, and you don't make those adjustments. Those other guys have failed. So in Chicago right now. Their OC is a guy named Bill was our He is a guy that was with the Washington football team. Hey was in Seattle. He was with the Eagles. But Matt Nagy was supposed to be another quarterback guru. But that didn't happen with Mitchell Robiskie. Who's now in Buffalo. It isn't gonna happen with Justin Fields. How are they going to adapt? Bears fans. To.

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