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So if you're someone looking to get into real estate wanna find a great place to buy a property the technology platform that we purchased with all America just help to be able to work with with renters warehouse in an easy way because you can get education from us. We're going to be doing weekly webinars training training. How do you look at investment return? What's grow sealed? What's net yield? What's my expense? Ratios. What are all these terms that keep hearing about what are good markets? What's up? Incoming marcus. And also the American platform has tons and tons of data that a little short behind it. Jump on. And really understand. How this stuff works that of course, going shop property we've got hundreds of hold for the platform today. We're gonna thousands of the platform here. Coming up between nineteen we got to go to break. Kevin when we come back with Kevin CEO burners warehouse. Stay tuned. This hour is brought to you by renters warehouse, one of the largest fastest growing and highest reviewed property management companies in America. Back with more think real radio with Rb Gohar after these messages. Hugs. Senior best buds for the first time in a long time. Family and friends around the table. Lincoln. We know the holidays are filled with moments like these realize that the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together..

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