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I I don't think I ever even went back to the office, and I had talked to someone it had been in the back of my mind before I got into television. I had been a district sales manager for Chrysler Corporation that dealer. Ships, but for the corporation, and I had made inroads about going back to work for Chrysler and Jack Lanza had already left. Jack was working with Vanson was an agent, and I think involved in a lot of other things and Jack, and I Jack also worked in the office in the Awa so Jack, and I had become very very close. And it was the Monday night after wrestle rock. Jack was on the road. But call me at home just to find out. You know, what happened what the finishes were? You know, how everything went, and we talked to not gonna tell them, you know, what had happened and he should want anything else. I said, well, I quit. And he started laughing in didn't believe me. And I said, no, I'm not. And he was like, you're kidding. I said, no. And he knew a lot of the back story. And he said, well, what are you going to do? And I said, well, I've already talked to him. You know, I think next week I'm gonna get together. And I think there's a good chance I'm gonna go back to work for Chrysler. And I said, well, what are you gonna talk to him next week? And he said, well, look hold. Let's talk when I get back to town. I'm coming in. I'll be back home tomorrow night, either Tuesday night or Wednesday night. I don't know if there was a day between and he called me. Night later late any goes, what are you doing for breakfast tomorrow? And I said nothing he said great. You know, you said we'll have breakfast. I'll I'll pick you up. And I I I can meet, you know, no, no, I'll pick you up. You said I'll pick you up six fifteen and we're a coat and tie. And I was like what are you not sixty? I'm not getting up ever anybody at six o'clock in the morning. And he said I'll be I'm picking up at six fifteen were a coat and tie because we're going to see Vince. And I started laughing. I said, Jack, I've seen you pull rib. You don't really think? I'm this dumb to any goes hang up you call north west airlines, ask them if there's not an already prepaid tickets for you on the seven twenty AM flight to the Guardia. And which I did there was a call Jack back, and he said, I told Vince you're available that you would quit and he wants to see you. So we did we flew out to LaGuardia. So a lot of people think that Vince that I was another one that Vince came in and just hired away it, and that's not the case, and we got out to York, and they had a limo for us to take us up to Stanford really got to the office. I kinda went through a bit of an interview process. I think if you will again, not knowing the order, but I met with like, Pat Patterson and Terry Garvin, George Scott, Ernie sculling after each one, they take me back out to the lobby then go in and see the next one was however the order it was like, I think everyone gave. Blessing and then went to the next higher up. And I think the last one I talked to who was Arne sculling they took me back out. And then a while I got called into Vinci's office met, Vince. And within the first, you know, two three minutes of of meeting him. You gotta said tell me about your mustache. And I was kinda like, you know, I well, it's bought my lip centered. I I don't know why you wanna know, you wanna know when I grew it and everything, and he came out and said, just so, you know, and I even think he said, despite gene, I hate facial hair. And and then he just stopped and looked at me. And I said, we'll I assume you're asking if everything else worked out if I would shave my moustache, and he said would you and I said, yeah, I would and that was it never said a word, and we talked for probably another hour..

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