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Got to get down a goal the one of one of the dances says as many as six hundred fifty million people around the world were watching as Apollo eleven landed on the moon a Wooster Polytech soon in mechanical engineering says that Apollo eleven mission sparked his passion for science twenty four year old Alex Castaneda will be part of an experimental flight next month in Orlando Florida the goal obtain data in zero gravity environment for use on the international space station ultimately the researchers goal keep high performance electronics cool in orbit your phone for example has electronics inside of it and all those electronics heat up so there has to be some sort of way for those electronics to stay cool so that they don't fryer so that they don't burn all the parts your phone this all happened twenty six years before he was born Castaneda says the historic Apollo eleven mission to the moon piqued his interest in this field it was the driving force for not only my interest in space research but also for the interest to conduct be space research as a country and also as a planet really it is eleven twelve and time now for a check on sports use WBZ's Joel stern at Camden yards the Orioles homered twice off David price they go on one eleven to win if any Santander with a three run home run in the first also because of the three two one Sam Travis is to one shot on the second well the Orioles breaking open in the fourth on key on brought since two run home run price less just four innings giving up six runs eight hits no help from the bullpen as cold burn Ryan Weber combine to give up far more runs tonight will be reports Sello freezing Ricky Thomas Holman Mason a volley will be activated for tonight's game and to make room the rent's onsen down Ryan Weber elsewhere yeah he's over the Rockies a two white Sox Valerie's nine two the mariners should out the angel said nothing Mike Leake has a perfect game broken up in the ninth on a little single by Louise ring you follow read his allows you will start on the pole in Sunday's Cup series race at New Hampshire motor speedway Bob you will have an open update from oil port.

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