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Hours with Amy Lawrence. The ballpark had to have a lot to do with Bryce Harper's desire to play for the Philadelphia Phillies tape jailer with the call on the nationals radio network. But if you think about Harper his natural inclination, which is to pull the majority of his home runs are his natural Paul, which as a lefty means right field and the wall. In right field for Phillies and citizens Bank park is three hundred thirty feet roughly. And so if you think about the number of home runs he hit there already and what he naturally does. It seems like a sweet little marriage rights are bird playing eighty one of his games at citizens Bank park in Philadelphia bombs away. Although nationals fans are you excited that you had that moment during the all-star break in July in which Harper won the homerun derby in his now former ballpark eight five five two one two four two two seven. What's your reaction to Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies for a record three hundred thirty million dollars, all guaranteed? No opt out. So he wasn't interested in having a chance to to try the free agent marketed any other point and a full no trade clause, which means the Phillies can't ditch. Even if they wanna do unless he says, yes, it's okay. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio some fun reactions at spring training, which course, Bryce will have to get his but to to spring training to join the Phillies, but Gabe Kappler who is going into his second season as the manager of the Phillies was telling reporters how he found out about the Bryce Harper citing we had some fans behind us who were sharing.

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