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The way that Jeff Bright Ege when about his relationship with Nolan are nado in the two years following The signing of the extension. Where no one are not. Oh, Was promised that this team would continue to try and win. At 2017 and 2018. We're not Out, likes This was going to be a team built. To win now and built to win in the future, and the Rockies then went out in the next two off seasons and did nothing. They added Matt Kemp. Not good Matt Camp. Like overweight. Batting to 20 Matt Camp. That's it. That's what they've done. They've done nothing else besides slash payroll. And not found anyone to replace the guys. They've gotten rid of. And then, when no one voiced his frustrations. Jeff Bright age would not comment on it would not answer his calls. Would not give the level of courtesy. Forget to a franchise player. Forget to unravel it, too. An employee. Think about your jobs. Hey, if you were as disgruntled as the Rockies claim that Nolan are not awas And how much they wanted out. Wouldn't The higher ups at your company. At least reach out. At least try to hear your concerns. Try to mend fences. By all accounts, Jeff Bright Ege. Didn't do any of.

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