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In syndication. So I guess any word on casting here? No. Okay on, but the original little house ran from 74 to 83 on NBC. Of course. It was based on the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote about her life growing up in the 18 seventies in Minnesota, and Wisconsin in Kansas. I would check this out, too. I mean, I did about it. I know they do. Because little house on the prairie is really like the third book in the Syriza. Okay, Little house in the Big woods, which takes place before they moved to the prairie where they're deep in the Minnesota Woods or Wisconsin. It might be. Oh, I wish I remembered. I've read the book series several times and security of those. Oh, you would love on my bed. I would. My friend Nancy has them on the books and she just absolutely loved love. To them as a little kid. Oh, my gosh, Pa. I had such a crush on pa. We were discussing who could be a good Nellie Olsen. I think Phil Our friend Phil on paid researchers, said David Spade, He might have aged out of the role they're gonna have to cast. You know. Teen actors, kids, It's just gonna be really interesting to they choose to. Did I tell you guys about that, Nelly that Facebook page that the original Nellie has, and she sells like bonnets on it, And she does all these really funny like posed He's very nice. Remember you talking about this? Yeah. I think we link it up at one point s. Oh, it's so funny. She just does like these random. I wish I could remember her name. It's Allison something? Yep. Very easily. Google Little Nellie Olsen. Our friend Laura Barnum is also screaming at the radio right now, because she's a huge Oh, really Been armed? Grim? Yeah. And if you look at her now, she just looks like you're crazy, Fun and You know? Yes. At Christmas. Um, yeah, She's very fun. She showed up to, um, a cherry blossom festival thing in a small town that I was doing a radio thing for and she was super nice and spends a lot of times with fans. Because Laura Ingalls Wilder actually wrote her books in Mansfield, Missouri, and that's where her grave is. Oh, that's close to my hometown is hot, so some of the cast members will come to those festivals. Wow anyway. Honey who's gunning Steve Real quick. Did you hear that? Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo. They're developing a primetime version of all My Children. I saw that headline. Yeah, they're just moving and grooving their production company like crazy. Yeah, I don't know. If I don't know much about it other than they are developing this soap opera. It's going to be called Pine Valley. It's in the early stages of development and Could be a nighttime. Yeah. Yeah, So the story is going to revolve around a young journalist with a secret agenda who comes to expose the dark and murderous history of Pine Valley on Lee to become entangled. In a feud between the cane and Santos families. Well, they really thought this out. Yeah, there you see? That's that's where the big money is right in producing a big, successful show. If you could show picked up and it it kind of takes off and gets multiple seasons. Yes, that's when you're moving and grooving. Yeah. Wait for them. Yeah, We're just having fun reading Mitch Hedberg quotes like this 10 God! Dogs are forever in the push up position Thin would list would I wanted to buy a candle holder. But the store didn't have one. So I got a cake daughter is like so that all of this is our level of stupidity. No, I like it. I do. I do. Oh, He's like, I'm just busy. Leave me alone. And when we come back if you see something, say something, Steve, what is this now about Tom Cruise? I saw an article about Tom Cruise is big rant and someone close to Scientology says it wasn't about Cove ID at all. One pack that when we come back, and if you see something, say something on don and Steve on my talk nothing but good times getting.

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