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And other other people, and then that's we met. Kevin Dave there started doing shows with them. Yeah. I think I picked up some of the history of the kids, but I, you know, from whoever I talked to probably Scott and Dave, right? But not but not you in marks history. That's interesting. Yeah. So when Mark shows up you're ready in with the guys. Yeah. Yeah. And Mark, you know, Mark, and I work together. All the time. Like, we love to be together on stage it formed from way back. Yeah. And so when it finally took shape, where would you where you guys working where was the theater, where's the one that that, you know, we're in the we went to the Rivoli which was like an alternative rock club in Queen Street west. It was the cool cool play, and we didn't do well for very long period of time. And then the kids. Yeah. And then eventually we originally. Twelve you know, there was like five other guys, and they sort of went and got jobs, and you know, they weren't they were interesting and entertainment. Yeah. No. They did. They did other things enough of us. Right. Yeah. And and then you took off we ultimately just took off. But I mean everyone's history. It's like, you know. Oh it. Oh, he'd lemon Lorne Michaels found them like it took forever. It felt like it took forever. You know, as young man, it takes, you know, your your time. So important in six months, you know, now, it's like six months. Oh, I don't know. I did a pilot. Oh, it's not going. Okay. I'll see you again next year. Got my money for a year. That's right. It's where do you still think that way when you get in this business? It's sort of like how much how long is this money. Yeah. I know. And there's never a point where you're like good. I'm Good. good. I'm I'm. coast. I'm done. Yeah. So okay. So eventually way I'm you don't have to weaken. We're not too fast forward. But you you did we're in Michael's did find you you produced a show. And then it didn't did it become a hit here immediately. I think it just you know, kind of central just starting then. Right. And while we're on HBO initially. But I think repetition helped us I think they just played it all the time. When I was there like what year we talking because I I hosted short attention span theater in ninety two. Right. And they were all done by them. Because I know that Nick McKinney had his sketch show on right? What was that a lot fifty seven? What was what was his call vacant lot? Yeah. They can lot. Yeah. So that was in production. I think when I was there. So you guys were kind of the old win or at? Yeah. We were done you're done or out of there. So who are you dealing with over there initially, so Lauren did it for HBO? And you did how many on HBO we? Well. We did. I think two seasons. I mean, we did five seasons in total. But in both ways. Yeah. But it took forever because we wrote most the stuff. So our seasons would be like fourteen fifteen months long. Yeah. But we have to Mark was the only guy wanted to go on real. Yeah. Anyone that's why he went to Saturday Night Live sketch comedy. But that was after the movie debacle. Yeah. Kind of at the sort of at the same time. Yeah. So like what happened with that? With brain candy. Yeah. Well, you guys have always been a cult following in the there's like definitely kids in the hall fanatics and people who love you forever. I imagine. Now like, you have you know, boys and girls who are in their fifties. Right. Who are still kind of dressing like they're in their thirties. Coming after you go by. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Gospels with daddy issues. But now, they're fifty. Yeah. Yeah. But daddy issues don't go away. Mark don't you know, are you know, they just turned into other things usually it's food or drinking. You are collecting weird doll. Yeah. You like cats, but but like what like the movie in retrospect, what happened with it? Because I know there there was the cancer boy debacle. Yeah. Where I played cancer..

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