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The writer sarah miller is at the editor's desk susan richard i'm bloomberg's larry kashmir there's closing bell on a sharply higher day for the stock market the dow starting a week with a gain of three hundred forty three points the nasdaq up seventy two news poll was on lose hughes termed him winless you'll give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the word acid and forty one degrees cloudy skies it is more guagua monday marks the via two thousand eighteen i'm larry mullins and here's what's happening with your out of town last weekend in ways that nor'easter we won't say you're in loved but we will say that you have been spared accu weather says it looks like a second nor'easter will take aim at us starting tomorrow night flights hang on hogg nightmare this afternoon on the streets of rhode island with and reward of mark slow out of parks looked to children have died a woman with the child is in critical condition is after a terrible accident in at least one witness accounts as the driver actually trying to get away we'll have the latest on that really going after people who block the blocks that is tying up intersex ins they beside a team of patrol officers to focus on certain key intersections and they are armed with tickets to give away man a teacher down in florida suspended house officials investigating lame see operates a podcast which promotes white supremacy for them to monday afternoon and your ride all news began to right now that is the reason why chile today a high of forty four degrees and it's scored john i go breach world's innings matt harvey spring training baseball maksim tigers i own a look through the automatic bid to the ncaa basketball tournament the islanders in vancouver let's get his donahue lane's news time 401 from the ram trucks traffic center it's about time somebody came back from frolicking around after a wedding and honeymoon break rise where you are welcome back to me and do you think larry quiz bows out of the bruckner we're all slows.

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