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I'm the best in the national boy. One of the seattle's ruin that one telling you ruined t mean decision. Gotcha on trade for him while they've got overpaid for somebody really is good at one thing. And that's staying. Around long scrimmage making tackles in coverage. He's completely lost that's not what he says. Jamal adams i'm the best in a nicer in the nice end up losing twenty three twenty two. The steelers t. j. watt strip sack of gino. Smith steelers recover boswell. The game winning field goal and so the steelers get back to five hundred at three and three here smith. He took the loss hard man. We can't keep coming up. I can't keep coming up short. put that on. You know backed about week. And that's when he came in last week for russell. Wilson didn't get it done and then of course yesterday the big turnover when they had an opportunity to win the game right because that was that was there the second session. They would want him with a field. Elps yes meantime. Cowboys beat the patriots and over time as we know the game winner went to cd. Lamb was a A pretty wild play of pretty wild sequence. If you will where you had the interception by digs the touchdown to born the cowboys. Comeback in tired than land with the game winner Here was lamb discusses. The game winning catch netted fancy Is kind of blown coverage. And i saw i saw early so condo It's open-field you know Hopefully no hope an addict saw me. He did he did. He got it to him. And they wound up winning the game. I did not realize to now this game. You were talking about the penalties which were insane. I mean throughout the league but in this game and the the cowboys reflect for twelve penalties. Yeah on the night here was randy gregory who said We had two opponents..

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