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For that. And welcome back to the show. Rick tiller with you. Coast to coast and around the world. He email address Is one eight hundred. Eight seven eight play. Few people have Two people emailed me about what aubrey huff. has tweeted. And like. i'm i'm not gonna talk about it. I mean i'll address email on the air But you gotta remember that. He's he's in it for your reactions and the the best way to counter a guy who's so stupid is to ignore them. I mean ask any girl who has a guy who's after him if you keep saying no thanks. I appreciate the flowers. But this isn't thanks for sending me drank if you ignore them it's cruel. It gets the message across so much more effectively than any type of You know declining the gesture. So and i know the knee-jerk reaction is rage but remember that is the currency of twitter and social media is rage. It doesn't matter what aubrey huff thinks. It doesn't matter what i think. Or what you think unless you care about what i think or what you think or it makes you think but with aubrey huff. Literally don't care what he thinks you. What do you care about people. You respect people who you think are smart. People who are loved ones are people who might teach you something other than that. Why would you just listen to jackass on twitter. Who's gonna say stupid racist stuff. Let you you make in a way. You make him a success. You make what he does the success if you react to it and in my opinion but do you want one. Eight hundred eight seven play. Let's go to robert. Who's out in michigan. How you doing robert pretty good rinca hanging in there. Are you doing when wow man. What's up all right. Hey send out. Some of that. California oakland sunshine over here needs a little brightness in michigan right now and we think it's freezing fifty two okay but Hey what about a shoutout yesterday to charles stillman. And how would you have and everything. That was amazing. Yeah he did like a chamber of commerce advertisement from michigan to yesterday. If you remember who's looking up on the stars any city saw the stars in the late over there in michigan. Wow very cool and what. He's doing what he's doing us a great player but what he's doing that kind of Clung me what he's up to. I really liked that a lot of good stuff from the guy's really memorable. Yeah well essentially from all planned that guy. Some the nfl antidotes Maybe you can kind of lead into my point about the lions and that would be that Study believe cough. You know freddie belinda. Cough john hazelwood drafted by the detroit lions. Mr ford wouldn't sign them because they were too cheap..

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