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Live in Hoboken build an ark. My God though is flowing through the. Streets they've had another water main break I'm just looking here the. City annually Joe average is one hundred and eleven water. Main breaks that's annually so that's comes out to about a water, main. Break every three days seems, like there's, always a broken pipe in Hoboken Idaho apparently. They've, got wooden pipes their, twelve some wooden pipes under. The ground near heights now as you, pointed out I think. This is interesting Hoboken has been undergoing a boom development boom and all that? How can you build, all these buildings when you've got, a water pipe system from the nineteenth century it is an antiquated system apparently but the mayor Hoboken Ravi Bhalla is going to sue the water company, which is called Suez Appropriate, now actually the French. Company because that's where I get my water from Suez but and they have? Their reservoir right in, my town there a French company, yeah I don't really know because I drink French water too but it's called it's not free From New Jersey I. Think it's French. Here's the mayor the reason why we're going into court tomorrow is to compel Suez to collect to give us the data that they've been withholding on what he means by that here enough is enough as mayor of the. City of Hoboken I will not tolerate. This any. Further, all, right oh yeah you you stick, it. To them Ravi you stick. It to them so I'd Alice Stockton Rossini WR is she's a woman in the. Street for, us but Alice I hope you have your boots on I do have my, boots. On all the time in. Hoboken I live in Hoboken so I keep them handy because you just never know. You get, to work on a rowboat yeah right Yeah you know it's really at least a pass the path train is running this morning and New Jersey transit is running this, morning you can't drive. To the past station there's no. Power in the area of Newark and observer highway and right. After the mayor had that press conference last night just hours later one forty three this morning there was another water. Main, break Just a block? Or just a block away from another water main break that flooded the pass station yesterday and caused all kinds of delays and, they say they can't? Get the water running through the original break until the second break, well actually it's. The, seventh break, this week is fixed it's crazy. People are people have had it how about another water main break.

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