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Carson. Show podcast. We've got a really good one for you from August. First of nineteen eighty six two very funny people Charles Grodin and Dom Herrera before. I talk about Our guest. There's a lot of Tommy some time on the monologue johnny and Tommy apparently dressed exactly alike and Johnny get some mileage out of that. There are some references to some Is a great saver about. He doesn't joke about pornography that gets a great It's got great saver in it. Johnny was a master at saving of a joke kind of laid flat. Johnny was I think the best at recovering from a joke and having a saver to get him through it This monologues got jokes about Vanna White and Robin Leach There's a there's a screen actors guild joke that really kind of lays there. Johnny has a terrific saver on that one when the audience gives him a courtesy laugh. Johnny actually tells us he doesn't want their mercy I personally get a kick out of all of these Savers recovery jokes. Because when you're doing a talk show you know sex men a monologue daily? It's other not all jokes are going to be great. There are good bad and some in the middle But there's some good jokes on this one about social security Princess Andrew's marriage. I mean we're going way. Back Titanic But Johnny does find the audience to be a little judgmental on this show which I personally am amused by Dhaka's off with Zebra N- which was his jazz fusion band. So Tommy's filling in Dakata. Great Jazz Band did go out quite a bit and work on its own. The first guest today is Actor talk show host and author. Charles Grodin Charles was great. He was a favourite of Janis because they had such a good rapport. They had such a A funny back and forth in this one. He's actually promoting his upcoming film. Istar as we all know went onto BIA. A big bomb but Charles Grodin. I mean wonderful actor. Great comedic actor. I think who can forget he and Robert De Niro in midnight run. They were so good together but Grodin he's done. A lot of stuff is first real. Small role was in a movie called Rosemary's baby. He of course starting the heartbreak kid catch twenty two. I loved him in a movie. Called Heaven can wait with Warren Beatty. He was very in that. And there are some very funny scenes with him from that but I start on Broadway. He was author and he went on to do a talk. Show more of a news. Kind of talk show host Later in his career but he had a great sense of sarcasm and he and Johnny played so well together. I know you get a kick out of this. 'cause he comes on to apologize for his last appearance where he asked. Johnson personal questions. It's it's a good time and I know you're GonNa like it and of course They're back and forth is what makes it work so well then then He closes it out with a great joke about obscene phone calls. So Charles Grodin is a good listen. I know you're GonNa like it and the comedian on the show is my old friend. Dahmer Rare. We're trying to get dom to do the show. And he's in town so we will get an interview with dom sooner or later but he's been on the tonight show a bunch of times. He's got a very good monologue It's funny I've known dominick time. I saw him not too long ago. He's not as edgy as he is. Today Dom has come along in a much edgier and I would you call it cranky curmudgeon e way but I loved one. He's one of the great work and Comedians. He's been over the film festival and Kilkenny and he's been like twenty two times. He's been to that. He was on the just for laughs. He used to host the thing just for laughs. He was a guest on the on Seinfeld. Dom Been On. All the shows and Oprah Winfrey and many other shows. He's a voice actor. He did some work on Nickelodeon on. Hey Arnold and back at the BARNYARD. He's even credited as a chauffeur in the big Lebowski. I think Tom is one of the great comedians working today. And if you get a chance to see him live there's nothing like it and I value the fact that we've been friends a long time and we get to see each other. We were up all working in Tampa Dom and Kevin Nealon and I'll had dinner and a lot of laughs and I believe dom even picked up dinner. Which was you know unlike him so anyway? He's got strong monologue in this show and all right. We're often running given listen and thanks for tuning in to the Johnny Carson. Show podcast and now ladies and gentlemen he johnny. I'd joining with you. But I have a humiliating clause in my contract. Well that was very nice of you. You know what's better I never had to pay for it. Come on this. Why didn't you tell me you're going to wear your blue blazer in your gray slacks. Looks like Tony Randall is without.

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