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Well i i i hate to bring this up but as a bulldog you should know better with your math then at the phillies are forty and thirty three they're not seven games over five hundred they're seven games over their losing record you really want to split hairs on this thing glad i hear this all the time they say oh we're by five games over five hundred fourteen games that's like god guys you know what a calculator is okay thanks i really appreciate the math lesson well that's okay i learned my math into marrying a saint james so please there's a little bit of a shortfall there i do believe it's kind of common way to put it right if you've got thirty three i technically understand that you might be three and a half games above five hundred but nobody talks everybody goes saint james as much of a stickler is that right generally not okay no get dave and williamstown dave you're on ninety four wip hello dave david williamstown williamstown took a powder let's get mac in east falls matt you're on ninety four wip hi guys i just have a quick recommendation for something to watch a netflix documentary it's called the keepers and it is about the murder of a nun who was going to expose the sex abuse scandal and the archdiocese of baltimore ooh ooh little very happy very compelling but a great documentary i gotta tell ya netflix documentaries and i know i believe most of them are probably independently by them are generally excellent i had recommended the one a couple of weeks ago i believe okay i appreciate it thanks for the recommendation all right little heavy but dolly i'll watch heavy.

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