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Of eighty seven correspondent jan johnson brings us more xiv neighbors had a gift for being likeable all the way first down the andy griffith show and taking his character to the spinoff shoes sayel and then there was that votes civil for thirty six years neighbors opened the indy five hundred singing back home again in indiana his husband's says the memorable tv icon passed away at his home in hawaii he was eighty seven i'm jan johnson later this month of pennsylvania couple is celebrating seventy five years of marriage were lucky enough to have a glimpse into the success of that relationship from correspondent don white bearer america the year was nineteen thirty five in the may wrote a book permit the represent available fdr was president we first met when we were in great and robert and edith may sean began at noticing each other i looked over all of boys and a class and i said there were about 10 that look promising i sort of wisdom down on f the one the fifteenyearolds began dating married at age twenty two in nineteen of forty two from my i'm calling for his report robert served in the us navy in world war two really had no idea what our future hailed the couple is ninety seven years old in fact the valves that the golf course holding me was a kroger she's three months older you may be wondering looks their secret to longevity our diet masovic said man joy eating joy going out there for dinner occasional cocktail in their tips for a long marriage patience a understanding never i go to bed may have his nerve.

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