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Coming up on All Things Considered on the week in politics a discussion about the house impeachment inquiry and the state of the democratic presidential primary class thirty years ago the Berlin Wall came down today new dividing lines have emerged those stories are next but first the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst former national security adviser John Bolton is claiming to have first hand details on the Ukraine matter not yet discussed in the house impeachment inquiry but in pairs Frank or Dona as reports what is the plans to share it with investigators nor does his lawyer saying he should be compelled to John Bolton's lawyer says his client was privy to meetings and conversations that I've yet to come up in earlier testimony in a letter obtained by NPR attorney Charles Cooper is responding to a decision by house investigators not to subpoena bald and also to withdraw the subpoena for his former deputy Charles Kupperman house leaders say they expect Kupperman will testify in the impeachment inquiry if the court rules that former White House counsel don McGann must testify in a separate case but Cooper says any ruling in that case would not apply to Bolton in Kupperman because unlike me again they were involved in national security matters the Supreme Court has ruled that immunity can apply to top aides in such cases Franco or Dona as NPR news the White House resident trump left the White House today to campaign in Atlanta before boarding marine one he said he hasn't agreed to remove any of the terrorists that he is placed on Chinese imports as the world's biggest economy struggle to negotiate an end to their ongoing trade war well they'd like to have a roll back I haven't agreed to anything Johnny would like to get.

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