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Tatty guys like distribute data around as far as because the car does so much smaller. Yeah. I think the challenge with the IndyCar and DeLores the manufacturer of our car and the new aero kit that we have out there. The challenge is the real estate. So we try to maximize that by doing some different things we've done a couple of designs on the car that are completely out of the left field. Right. A few other teams have done the same some people run a traditional livery on the car. But for us. It's just a matter of of dividing it collectively with the partner, and we treat it as a brand so much the same way anybody down the street at Proctor and gamble. That's managing right in Sumer packaged goods brand. Or, you know, some folks in the popcorn business out there that may be managing snack foods and things like that the deputy. They look at themselves as a brand we look at the race team as a brand and treated as such Bob. You got your work cut out for you. Because you've got five minutes to do. So we want a multibillion dollar deal five brought my pen. All right. We'll we'll be witnesses. This is the Miami valley gaming racial report, Miami valley game and get ready to get lucky off I seventy five exit twenty nine to Monroe. It's all presented by color. It electric wiring for today's world colored electric Cincinnati dot com. It's eight o'clock right here at News Radio seven hundred w all w in Cincinnati. News, traffic and weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati. The president and a former president on the campaign trail today. This is the eight o'clock report. I'm Matt Reese and breaking now. President.

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