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Hey, you know, I just got a a message from Josh. First of all, Josh. Thank you for listening. Not Josh. He's he's on vacation. But he goes. Hey, You know what? It just made me think if you remember during the and we still have them foodie, Friday's here and there Um, I did a twist with some of the stuff and I would do goofy stuff he goes. You know, you could do the hot dog and the hamburger on the same bun. If you did that, if we went with the Hamburger shaped hot dog you could then do I don't know that I would want to combine those, But, um, um, a hamburger and a hot dog on your bun. Yes. If it was the shape we were just talking about, So if you went with the shape of a hamburger that they were talking about changing the shape Of the and creating a flat round hot dog. People are also sending me it's called bologna. So yeah, I mean, yeah, that it it is for sure. I don't want the burger and hot dog together. I don't want my food to touch. Yeah, I know. You're like you've got to have everything separated. I'm six years old over here when it comes to food, and we we had a colour call in and say, Don't forget about the bratwurst Burger as well. And that's rot. Worst, like kind of the same. Yeah. Same concept bratwurst. It's in a patty form. Okay? Before. Yeah, That's a great point. Well, then you got sausage that's shaped like that or links. I mean, so I guess it's not crazy out of the realm. Okay, it's finally starting to sink in a little bit. I'm a little more. Okay. I'm off the ledge. I'm a little better now. I'm not not as close to the edge of the list. We talk about ketchup on the hot dogs. No, no. Um, I did want to bring up what was going on. You sent me that article earlier about the Reds Outfielder Tyler Nay Quinn Tyler. Nay Quinn, which you know Same last name as you. But they just he gave up belong to. He played for the Indians for like, six years, and he gave up on the announcers because they they just let him pronounce it the way But it was incorrect. Listen, first of all just came out. There's an article today. Quinn now, Ken NICU in knockin. I've literally heard every pronunciation very rarely are people going to get it right anyway? I just say Cousin Tyler. I don't know where he is on the family tree from me, but he's got to be for sure related. Yeah, because all my extended family's from the same part of the country. So the reason I bring this up the funniest part of this whole conversation. Was weird and righteous now and station says to me, people will tell her that she's pronouncing her name wrong. And I was just like staring at her going. How do you keep from slapping Somebody like that? Because you're pronouncing your name. You're you're telling me I'm pronouncing my name wrong? Excuse me. Do you have the same name? I know And then you combine in my case. It's station and people can't get that name. Right. So you put Stasia and knocking together. Oh, boy. Mind blown, right? Yeah. Well, let's bring.

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