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News line. Here's something you should know. Interesting thing about people who get mugged or attacked all the victims ever spoke to always told me they had a bad feeling that something was about to happen. But instead of acting on it, and they continued on and they got themselves in the situation. Action that became horrible for them. Former police officer Salvator restraint author of the book maximum retribution says criminals, always look for the easy target. So the best advice is to not look like an easy target. If you can avoid walking alone, ask someone with you. Pepper spray where you can readily get to have a good charge cell phone don't wander around talking on the phone, and then have they're not very big. It's these personal alarms that bring very very loudly learning to use pepper spray and carrying it in your hand is a great way to protect yourself. All you really want to do is disable the attacker. So you can get away. It's not a matter of subduing them and hold them to the ground with the cops get there you want to get away. And that's pepper spray. Really equalizers the ground level, real quick criminals. Come in all shapes sizes ages and genders, you really have to keep an eye out for the person that's paying too much attention to you. And and when you see someone that's paying that kind of attention to you. It's always good to look them straight in the eye and acknowledged that you see them and not be shy about it. But not be challenging about it, you know, appear confident and just keep walking. And that may give them the signal out not gonna bother with that person at somethingyoushouldknow dot net. I'm Mike Carruthers in that something you should know WB. Newsradio ten thirty. You're.

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