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A house worship review they gave her a chicken fifty eight and told her skeedaddle she moved to san francisco and my dad moved to one became a giant giant hammond oconee but there was a lot of going on my dad e the new makiko one he used to come to their house he said a lot of things hugo armed with a lot of uh o ethnic group of ethnic and a lot of energy sidhu for no like with the indian you think the energy the people living niche visit ravine at that time in that community they would be picking up on there on the energy those were really great question the arrival workers there are africanamerican mexicanamerican worker and they they talk about cardio a lot of army cut across very tentative about you know what happened to them for van because like some of the people that live there what kind of we're actually like forcibly evicted arm or people some people really really because it had been you know a strong storm quote at community uh beautiful setting up and uh all i've hurt invert men are her you know wonderful place to live so strong attachment um so your summer of a worker karma pondered we no no proof or evidence other van although stories about that i mentioned earlier about the white your car because our co couple of the workers car pro show with car connected to the old in our in a marvin just mexico but if a strong story and mexico about lie at all no wittenberg her wheeling one and a woman who circling from preston white searching for her child wash child um and that kind of felt that that may be vote for a woman and white on mccoy open now on the ballpark my heart pumping up your liver uh he also had a question about ted williams are you are in a wonderful story from oxford where i am i heard from a story about people being abide remembering the all or game at fenway park i think it within two thousand kosovo go out a mock beautiful moment create ever in baseball with all these choir know kind of calming your arm all these guys really accomplished allstar cover.

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