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Can you do it? In the studio, so I may be a little bit slower today when the butler beagles are allowed outside of Indiana. They simply drop in on Friends and come to their videos or shredders around today. If I'm a little off my game, that's why. Let me do the rundown because I'm still in a great mood. Jenkins, Virginia win offers midterm road map for GOP warning for Democrats, opines, the headline of The Wall Street Journal this morning. Voters punish Democrats and lift amid left drip according to axios. A couple of great quotes in the story this morning. Clearly, the president's drop in favorability made it very difficult for the democratic nominee to stay above water. Democratic Jerry Conley told axios D.C. in my colleague selection night event in Tyson's quarter, Virginia. That's what happened. A senior aide to New Jersey Democrat told axios alania Trini, quote, it's insanely clear. The party must reorient not on center left or progressive goals, but on what gets real things done for family. You would think so. How bad was it? The New York Times has a headline story about a little tiny district in San Antonio. John luhan a 59 year old retired firefighter won the seat a blow for Democrats because Joe Biden carried it by double digit points, only a year ago. My favorite headline in the morning in The New York Times from Jeremy Peters and elisa Lerner Republicans pounce on schools as a wedge issued to unite the party as I put online. Headlines are not the fault of Jeremy. He's a fine reporter. I don't know Lisa. Headlines are driven to get quicks. Republicans haven't pounced on anything Republicans have been talking about schools in red and purple states for decades. Virginia is a blue state. And so the education issue is erupted in Virginia, proving that blue states can be turned red when parents see the indoctrination of their children going on. New York Democrats assess losses to Republicans, according to The New York Times, quote, this was a shellacking. Up and down the Empire State Republicans won election at the local level. Reeling from surprise losses, Democrats sound the alarm for 2022 according to Jonathan Martin and Alexander burns the two Bigfoot republic the democratic reporters reporters on Democrats. I think they're leftists. I think they're both Democrats, but they're not, they're just reporters. So let me say that reeling from surprise losses Democrats sound the alarm for 22, say reporters, Jonathan Martin and Alexander burned at The New York Times. Democrats stung by laws. Now, get the note. Now I'm going to make a transition to a different set of stories. New York Times again. Democrats stung by losses, pressed forward on Biden agenda. The Washington Post. After loss in Virginia, Democrats looked to speed up their stalled $3 trillion spending agenda. So what two of those stories don't belong in everything I've told you about. I've run through a dozen stories. The two stories that say Nancy Pelosi marched right out there and said, we're gonna double that on speed and size. We're gonna add parental leave back in and we're sending a bill to the Senate. Everything that went wrong in Virginia is because we didn't spend enough money. Can you believe it? That's what she's concluded. That's what Chuck Schumer concluded. We didn't go far enough to the left. So we're going to go left, left, left. So just remember it's November the fourth. 2021, a massive shellacking has been delivered to Democrats across the country and their instant reaction is to double and triple down on their left leaning wacky, progressive effort. And I must tell you, this is the kind of thing that makes people look up and believe the Democrats really don't have an agenda all they really have is a plan for your life. They don't have an agenda persuade you on. They have a plan for your life. A few other headlines. Glenn young, by the way, the governor elected Virginia will be joining me at the bottom of the hour. I hope you will be here for that. Fed dials back bond purchases. Plans to end stimulus by.

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