Reporter, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio discussed on Steve Deace Show - A rare example of a GOP moderate moving to the right


You don't see as lewis line surprised by jori i when i woke up the next morning and he had wind i was so gleeful that those folks said last that i really didn't even think about my own person all ambitions or dreams are which is are people i like to better it's to really did feel like this place it been fume again did and i was surprised was mildly surprised by my my my own personal reaction of that what about yours well you know i i with the entire campaign he you know just because they don't just only and and anger a bit republican fit committed political suicide by nominated like i mean i was fifth the only has been right in the primary pat righted the ship will but there's no way he could be hillary and i guess twitter green was but it was a popular both but fifteen have been we know what should i do i took luck morning i was actually of my refused to we've into didn't lose middle reporter right and it was asked that mold but i thought you know what everything's going to be all right there is i really don't like this part of our movement and in fact it there is this the i tell our audience all the time what is our move making the seems like really defined by were against the left media where against when the left uses the government for their constituents ease what are we objective lay for no one very few people can actually defined that for me so i hate being sucked into that might self but that being said i get it i mean we have we have taken it in there shorts from nice people with with the exception of a mike leader a ted cruz or a ram paul or marco rubio every now and then what he's not doing photo op to chuck schumer actually willing to stand.

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