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Yeah no you can't beat you can't yep what else coaches okay i understand billion people are very sensitive at that's that's the reason that's a big ones yeah especially on national a near s earn career irreversible darren criss in crazy yeah are there's a bomb discovered in the fame's river world war to bomb it's right next to the airport london city airport via hollings have been and since world war tuition signed him 45 and those bombs will stay perfectly healthy eldest until sure well it's an it's in a or some shit a ten names river thames the was handed nervous the so did the river that goes through the the famous river god good luck in that thing out this it'll take about a day but the whole all the visor cancelled uh not bad though it's just a day about a day it's spelled larry games but it's prast tim daly we need you go down then get had bombed out today london to allow took a real beating in world war jakes lucia jim shook the sun this is in china had bay china a gas truck with liquified natural gas overturned and you could see a fast these two cars ironies heard that was a myth like you know like with people go you know there's a gas struck on on high when someone shoots it or it falls over or propane tanks they explode after that the meth while i mean so in this case that think overturned in it released and then cars have engines with that that you know combust fuel there's fire inside your engine so it just caught on let's check out fast fastest thing goes so.

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