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Of electricity when they're trying to find food and when eating the bolded climbs so the aquarium's three shows a rapid blinking of lights of varying intensity Jim Shannon the CBS news KCBS this time in one fifty three queen guitarist Brian may recovering from surgery to ease pain in his Achilles tendon but he says it's no cause for alarm may posted a photo from his hospital bed and said he had a step to his calf muscle to get out of a painful heel situation he says he dealt with it during the last US tour but power throughout adrenaline made plans to be ready to go and clean tours Asia this January we are on to your money once no this is a Bloomberg market minute the stock market will tried today to extend yesterday's solid gains with US and Chinese trade negotiators apparently moving closer to a deal chief economist nation sheets at P. G. I. M. says both sides need a president trump and president she would benefit from a deal doesn't mean it's going to happen today or tomorrow but in coming weeks or maybe even coming months that there will be something sources tell Bloomberg a phase one trade agreement could be in place before December fifteenth the day new US tariffs on Chinese imports are due to take effect the Dow climbed one hundred forty seven points yesterday putting the brakes on three days of losses Tiffany reports its third quarter earnings this morning it may be one of its last earnings reports with the jeweler having agreed last month to a takeover by France's LVMH the acquisition is expected to close in mid twenty twenty will also see earnings reports today from dollar general and all to beauty Larry coffee Bloomberg radio I guess that goes beyond the.

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