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Alligator was found in Lake Michigan, the Lake, Michigan near Joaquin, gin. Okay. Global warming is a motherfucker. Lake, Michigan alligator is not how they're not supposed to be? No, they've gone a four foot long alligator in Michigan. The fuck. I normally do one water. Yes, they'd be in Florida and shit. That's what I say. South Carolina, maybe downhill, maybe North Carolina's lone places. Maybe you get you get into right swampy place. Fucking Michigan. What how did they even get to take a plane. Earn. They have, oh, no. Yes, not every day. Someone reports the allegation Lake, Michigan. The report is true. Authorities said the person who reported to alligator took a video of slowly swimming in the lake near what because you're going to be and showed it to the respondent crews will Keegan police animal control and staff at Larson marine service will call to help remove alligator from the water crews successfully rescued it and transported delegate to the wildlife discovery center and like FARs. Oh, you know what? The president wouldn't fucking pitch. You know how white both like to get alligators and newsies up animals. They're not supposed to have pets. They get to beat and they put him out in the wild. This is a good point. I guess. I don't know about you do that. They legal for read, they'll fuck you up. Yeah, is an animal. Yeah, maybe he's going to put it out, but I mean, was this evolving? It probably does like they Probably probably had had it it when. when it was small, you know, got it through picking up cop out of down his somewhere down south. We was womb put in this car, wrote it up. Dan, was that, oh, this is too much Indiana let it go inside and growing. Or that's all ridiculousness. All right. Let's see what else happened in the news. I would like to talk about how about this Bill Cosby. Was left with a chicken, Patty imprison. Oh, what's happening here? I guess he didn't want any beef..

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