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Mark the moment martin luther king junior was assassinated fifty years ago this april ordering it a moment of reflection and remember he emphasizes it's not a moment of silence and bus riders may remember dr king how they wish the driver pulled over to own and they're there'll be a brief announcement over the intercom fleet wide across king county letting people know that were participating in this moment and we're inviting them to join us in a reflecting and remembering dr martin luther king junior on his birthday another reminder metre buses will operate on their reduced weekdays schedules today because of the holiday brian calvert komo news komo news time twelve forty tom glasgow has let's football to talk about at the sportsdesk tom four teams left standing in the nfl player austin amazing sunday of playoff action including the minneapolis miracle minnesota miracle whatever you want to call it the vikings stunning the saints to advance to the nfc championship game and a match up with the philadelphia eagles for the first time in fourteen seasons the tennessee titans won a playoff game but not enough for mike malarkey he is out as head coach college football arizona has picked former texas anm coach kevin is someone to take over that program he succeeds rich rodriguez over the weekend huskies getting some good news there star running back miles gaskin is going to return to school for his senior season rather than enter the nfl draft he was being projected as a mid to late round pick in what is expected to be a very strong running back class top 25 college basketball in the ap poll villanova this acts 13 and the coach's paul villanova one zags thirteen will talk all things you dubbed hoops tomorrow night six to seven right here on your home of the huskies komo news with men's coach mike hopkins women's coach jodie wet we'll have more sports in 30 minutes right here on your home.

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