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Michelle Franzen ABC news news one thousand have been ninety seven seven six thirty one right now in this way Thursday morning here in western Washington the rain still coming down the temperatures forty nine degrees along with Greg Herschel time and the factor here the top stories from the come on twenty four seven new center in a river communities across western Washington homeowners are sandbagging garages and farmers are hustling livestock to safety as record amounts of rain continued to fall almost Corwin hake reports live this morning from Monroe January was already exceptionally soggy with Seattle recording ten inches of rain double the average everywhere you have seen more of the same with some areas collecting two and a half inches of rain in just the last day and a half flood waters create a life or death proposition for dell trailer he's a farmer in the snow was river valley he and his family or okay but is thirty one thousand nine horses are certainly at risk any I take care of them they got to get up on high ground you know you can't haven't been out there in water up to their waists this water's cold it could do yeah reports of flooded roads span multiple counties we will repeat the usual warning you risk your life if you will nor will close signs incarnation James Cook tried to warn his neighbor I said don't go on these floods you just let you know what you're doing don't go out on these floods are dangerous he didn't listen so that neighbor got stuck but he's okay forecasters say heavy rain is expected to continue for the next couple of days before we get a break starting Sunday reporting live call when Hey komo news it was a long night at the king county flood warning center were staff members are working to keep track of these rising rivers creeks and streams we get more live from Kamel's Carly Johnson I just spoke with a very tired Doug Williams at the king county flood warning center is not about two hours of sleep rivers that we haven't seen in these clothes for a decade or more Williams is that flooding it is so quiet is as bad as it's been in a very long time with is akua creek in a rare flood stage for really rare occurrence for for that creek and it's got some pretty significant flooding back at stage for because the creek flows right through downtown is a quad they also just issued a flood stage for warning force the cedar river another Rivard it doesn't get to that level very often now mudslides landslides in the risk for avalanche all extremely high and Williams warns that's going to last for several days even after the rain finally does begin to let up will it ever let up reporting live Carly Johnson come on news will find out from meteorologist Kristen Clark coming up here but first we want to see Dr looks like we already know we have serious problems in downtown Seattle on I five years here in Jordan yeah that's due to an earlier crash we had north an I. five near Seneca it is been cleared out of your way but it's leaving this struggling drive all the way from Boeing access road and that's after heavy slowing traveling through.

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