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Head on and you got the two in the five coming together. You've got the six all over the place. You got the one arguably coming in on the seven a little bit or at least making it tight. So they post the inquiry sign and it's going on for like ten or twelve minutes. Not only are the top three horses all still there circling right into normally when there's an inquiry on the first place finisher. runner-up sticks around and case they want to get their picture taken. This one not only were the top three sticking around but even the fourth place source woo pigs zooey was not unsaddled and was sitting there parading around getting ready and I tweeted about it I was like how crazy it's at the stretch run was. So bonkers the connections like you'd never know, let's let's stick around here and see what happens and and sure enough they end up. The six to me was a no brainer disqualification. The horse was all over the track and it got really dangerous for few horses. Now, the two who was third ends up getting disqualified and I actually thought the two was probably the best horse in the race and took some of the interference from the six but also may was made tight by some of the other runners but the too early on in the stretch came out into the five who I thought was going nowhere and they D- queued the two I was shocked I legitimately was shocked surprise. How it all went down but. I mean, it was it was a mess and again I don't know what fixes all of the inquiry objection issues it's category one or category nine or whatever. But man whatever happened race, it was It was a yard sale just things horses all over the place. Let's take a short time out. We come back. We'll talk some Belmont Park is are we can recap edition of the program continues audits the Jason Borsch racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. The Jason Beam worst racing podcast brought to you by twin spires is your home for daily thoroughbred horse racing conversation join host Jason.

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