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Yeah like pito tools is our lifechanging have akasa blanca and citizen kane do those meet the hype no casa blanca i think will i don't know of citizen kane well but then people say that's the greatest movie of all time i i don't i don't think that what the classic movie old old that you'd recommend like mine would be rear window the great grace kelly is a great movie me storage jimmy jimmy store but martyred over i think that holds up and she is she's spectacular she's all timer breathtakingly gorgeous yes spotless yeah how about well i mean this is obvious cause to go cool hand luke with paul newman cohen luke never seen it i just saw cat on a hot tin roof the other night with liz taylor and pullman you can't take your eyes off either one of them gummy cliffs in that too yeah there's some there's some great movies some classic movies that have that have held up you ever see twelve angry men the original based off a play i think like karl malden is in it and that's when they're in the jury room henry fonda maybe blackout from the sixties yeah i think it's fifties and their jurors it's one scene basically which one room one room base well they have a yeah there's a trial i think seeing it's the jury deliberations around trout twelve angry men and then you find out about everybody's personality and what they think of this case and then what they think about it later and that they have to come to some kind of majority here.

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