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We added at twenty six and a half. The over was minus two hundred. It's now thirty two and a half at even I still like it over. What are you saying? I agree sal. I do like this over for swift to be quite honest with you if I was drafting. A running back. This is just me I like Taylor from Wisconsin. Better anyway than swift. I think he's the better alternative and look. We know teams doing with running backs now. Sal they're just waiting They don't have long careers. The value in the running back position is just not great I don't see which team is going to. Roll the dice on swift inside that first round or Taylor even inside that first round and some teams may even like the lsu Kid Just based on a of certain fit as well but I don't think we see a running back taking in the first round I think swift goes over that number at thirty two and a half and could even fall a little bit past that it's a nice pedigree for Georgia Alaska Decade or since two thousand nine. They had no shot Marino. Todd Gurley Sony Michelle. All three. Were first rounders nick. Chubb was a early second round. Pick Bama's the only other school produced three first round running backs but as it is. You know it's really brother Bry. It's who need you and I know weird. Things happened in the draft. But it does seem like you're bending if the dolphins are gonNA take specifically are the Dolphins GonNa take the Andrea Swift. Is this bet right now? Well that was yeah. That was the thing right so they set the line and originally at twenty six and a half so as it was looking at the dolphins you know they have so many picks the dolphins would make play at twenty six there But now a jump to thirty three and a half so At thirty three and I. It's it's a tough one to say like you said. I mean pretty much every year you get a first round running back the question I would have is i. I do think once you get to twenty in the draft in the twenties. You could at least say all right. If we really need one we could take one you know. Is it the dolphins is it? I mean nobody. I think nobody's trading up to get him back because I think there's four really good ones. You can wait until the second round but a team might look at the raiders from last year and say God Jacobs is really good You know we do so many different things with swift tears. Great receiver out of the Backfield. So is there you know I. I think this is one of the toughest picture I WOULD. I personally wouldn't draft one but I definitely could see a team going under thirty three and a half here. Yeah for sure all right now. Let's go to Headset have a bunch of head-to-head Fox bent does all wherever you look at head to head Who GETS DRAFTED? I kind of deals here. We we talked about hurts and navid pairing with hurts and Frahm Jake. From who goes I I know brother? Bry Bet this. He is He's all in on this. I like this a lot too. I like hurts to go first pocket. You like hurts as well. Yeah guys this is one. I think everybody should be jumping on. HURTS FITS. I think the Today's NFL a little bit better than from from an intangible guy right. He's he's bright. He scored well in the Wunderlich. By the way. Can we just get rid of the Wunderlich scores? And how do they ever leak out? The only time they wouldn't look scores. Been accurate is when Harry scored an eight on it a couple years ago the only time. We always saw that thing go you know. Read the way. I thought it would time I took it. I still scored higher than Sam Darnold. Thirty Twenty eight. But yeah I I think. This is a no brainer. I think you'RE GONNA. I'M GONNA come back a little bit later on an over with from going over his sixty and a half. I believe he's at or sixty one and a half. I think I think hurts. Falls goes into the second round I think from is a third or fourth round. Pick so I really liked this with hurt so you guys did a good job of jumping on this. Yeah for sure. I want by the way I should point out. Harry's Wunderlich score was actually lower than his forty time which is not. You're not gonNA find too many people that could make that flame it's documented. It's online document. Harry the truth hurts and you're going with hurts here right. Yeah I think frahm is just very conservative he. I don't think you pass for over twenty seven hundred yards in any season at Georgia didn't go downfield and all last season and hurts did it. Twelve hundred yards rushing. I think that can help him if he was scrambling and now running for his life or something with an NFL team. I think he still can do things in the NFL. That from won't be able to do He only had nineteen total picks and four years of college football on guys. A winner He's very underrated. And I think as a status of where experts are putting him is Is Short on that? I think he should be a very close to a first round. Pick if not Anywhere from thirty two to thirty eight. I'm probably GONNA lose this bet jump in our brother. Bry because Avid Anti Georgia bias. I think they've cost me a lot. Big Cosmic of most money the last couple of years. And you know from didn't exactly light it up. Last year he lost McCall Hardman and Riley Ridley in those. I think it was really when I go in the fourth round. I think last year but so sure you lose that kind of caliber players. It's going to be a different story but I dunno hurts over from about even odds. I think that's pretty good. That's GonNa Payoff on Friday. That won't be at Thursday. Bet Now overall they have which we'll have more offensive or defensive players drafted in the first round. Ofensive is minus two fifty. But if you want to go over sixteen and a half and avoid the Thai sixteen sixteen the over minus one fifty four for offensive players brother Bryan. Thank God fence. I'm GONNA take a Flyer on defensive because plus one eighty five if you break it down by position if you think zero running backs which I do think there's zero tight ends which is almost definite. It's GONNA be zero. Then he got four or five. Quarterbacks you have five or six probably receivers and six or seven offensive. Lineman. I'm going under. What the quarterbacks. I'm going under. What the receivers so now. You need like nine offensive lineman or something. I think I'm going defense. Here is good value Yeah I it's funny because as we're talking through this right the whole time. I'm like offense offense of offense which are probably I would stick with that But yeah as you start going through it. You're like all right in order to have the offensive. Now you need. You need six. You need probably six receivers going in the first round right. 'cause YOU'RE GONNA get. You're probably going to get I. I would say you're probably GONNA get five six tackles offense attackers right. And then you know you might get. You might get a center guard or two in there. So there's one or two more or one to three more. And then quarterbacks you're thinking four but I know the more I'm thinking about this. The more worried I am about it. But it will probably fall right on sixteen right. I wish there was a bad for that. Because yes you're right. You're either banking on five quarterbacks or six receivers or an extra offensive lineman or too so. It's it's tough to navigate. It's a fun one though. Because you're getting I again. This is there's a couple bets that are really fun. This is one of the fun ones because when you get to you know like Harry. Oh he says you know you WANNA bet to last till the end. Oh yeah this is one of those. This is one of those bet you get swords twenty eight twenty nine you start getting a little bit nervous and it's I think it's fun any of these over unders with. I'll probably play more than this year than they normally did in the pets. That's true Harry what do you think? You're you're pretty confident. Although you what. Seventeen fifteen right around there offensive players your offense seventeen fifteen. It'd be close but late in the first even if maybe if it's tied or the defense is up one. I think the titans pick late They need to get an offensive lineman after losing right. Tackle Jack Conklin to Cleveland. I think they've looked Josh Jones. The offensive tackle from Houston Green Bay picks thirty San thirty one There in the near Some receivers too. So I think it's GonNa be the wide receivers that push it up and make it seventeen fifteen Offense I think wins barely. But a the favourite windsor minus two fifty. Paul I kid you know who could be instrumental in deciding. This is our cowboys. Who that number for defense will also want to talk to. Michael Irvin about this minus three hundred that the Cowboys Defensive Player. First OFFENSIVE. Plus Two fifteen. We know they screw this up a lot or whatever they've gone on their own The safety is defensive. Tackle obviously in the in the you know. Eyesight but Xavier mckinney. The safety from Alabama has been mentioned. But I don't know what if you WANNA show Dak Prescott. You're building this team around him attack. Don't sit out. Hey you know. Obviously there's not a great center on the Board for the first round but we could take Austin Jackson or is Ahah Wilson one of these offensive. Linemen we could shift stuff around for that line and we're building around you plus fifteen might not be bad for the cowboys to get an offense apply right. Yeah I liked that value. Sal I think with the cow was it's a coin flip they could certainly look. This is an offensive right. It's an offensively so The cowboys do have some weapons of Cooper Gallup and and Zeke But I I I definitely feel like they could upgrade on their line. They lost Frederick. I know there's not a center available but you could never go wrong. Picking a good offensive lineman in that spot either. So if an F. Alignment F- offensive lineman false. I wouldn't be surprised if they grab one there as well or you know could could you take a Jefferson as a receiver? You loss Cobb Did pick up. They did pick up. Somebody I'm blanking out on who they thought they picked up. But you know look if you go out and get a Jefferson. Now all of a sudden you know who stay on your wide receivers. You know who stopping that right. So you're right absolutely Let's talk about those offensive lineman. There's you know between five and over under six and a half so figure about six or seven to go jesuit wills. He's the favourite minus one eighty eight to be taken. First Tristan Works Plus Two forty Andrew. Thomas plus four fifty MCI becton tend to one then it gets a little sketchy Josh Jones. Twenty eight and Isaiah Wilson Fifty to one which one you Harry. Who goes which is big. Boys go I I feel like a lot of guys around yet definitely. Sal I'M GONNA go works out Iowa I but you know it's offensive line. Drafting is how it's probably the toughest really to decide on. I know the giants For about three weeks ago had him ranked really high in a lot of mock drafts and a lot of people talking about the giants taking him overall fourth Now it looks like they're gonNa Grab Isaiah Simmons from from Clemson Linebacker so were worse slips. But I think Jacksonville at nine. Take him they definitely need to build up that offensive line I just think that that's nice situation. Because the Jacksonville is and that can be great. They're probably GONNA be the worst team in the NFL this year. Build up the offensive line. Worst goes I where goes I? I- polychaete you agree with that right. Yup I agree with that Cy. I'm a big fan of those midwestern lion from Wisconsin from Iowa like wharfs. He's a physical freak. I believe Even in his What was it to his vertical. Jump he I think beat six Almost all but sixteen of the forty six receivers that guy With his vertical jump His bench press is fantastic. Runs a four eight five. I just think those numbers will.

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