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Needs getting new prescriptions and will continue to do so As we scale we we also You would love to partner with anyone else in the space Through a lot of the programs that we've either initiated or are working to scale Right it's pretty shocking. How many people around the world and how many people In our own backyards in in the us new glasses and don't have access to them and so If there are ways that we can work together out with anyone in the community. Our certainly left to do so yeah. Let's talk about that. Because i mean one thing that really touch me and really resonated with me was That you guys understand the importance in the need for diversity in i care and you know you guys have really stepped up to the plate along with some other companies out there You know i've been Able to work with you guys on the back end with black eye care perspective and You know you Sued ounce of my fear. ceo shutout by dr You know refocus over at in the i You know there's a lot of things that you guys do on the back end that a lot of people don't see and they don't understand i'd just want to say thank you for everything that you done to help. Increase the diversity in i care but I really want to spend the rest of the show. Just really touching on some of the impact that you've made in our industry and I really wanna get started with The relationship with a partnership that you have at the new england college of optometry There's a great leader over there by the man by the name of dr howard cosell and he has vision and he understands what needs to take place in order to really move our profession for Let's talk about some of the scholarships that you guys have Created over at the new england college. Tommy tree i mean there's a big number out there known as forty four thousand and we can multiply that a couple times in regards to how you've really helped out some students of color blackston particular So if you don't mind just you know. Just give me an overview of what you're doing at worry parker when it comes to diversity but also why did you make that jump. Why did you make that step to help. Try to increased black representation in yes. A diversity equity and inclusion has been something that has always been a core part of parker or something that we always been very passionate about During the During twenty twenty In the wake of the george floyd murderer and and uh so many other upsetting events that were happening around the country We had a lot of internal conversation and said..

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