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Am may twenty eighth in weld district court to know. Mom's gloria matthews said and it was it was just heartbreaking to watch everywhere we went i was always looking for. I always had hope that i would find her. In my dreams. She always came home. You know she always came home. Now as you're aware panky has made repeated statements over the years including in court filings even in his divorce filing that implicated him as a suspect. This according to the indictment the says attorney the said pinky simply craves attention. Viorst's his attorney who was It was quite interesting watching how he was responding to some very very good questions as he tapped danced away. But he's a defense attorney so That's kind of a what they do but he said mr panky wanted to be a person of interest. Mr pinky could've laid blow. Nobody would have charged him. Mr pinky loves the limelight limelight. Now in this forty eight hour. Special on saturday night. He went on to say that nothing that pinky has client said implicates him in the murder while for his part mayor john gates disagrees calling it a bucket of bazaar. We'll talk with a greeley mayor. John gates when he joins us this morning. Right around does seven. Oh five Sixty four year. Old man has been arrested in weld county's woman's murder From way back in nineteen seventy nine k. Days death was the second oldest cold case in the county. James herman die. Sixty four of wichita. Kansas faces a charge of first degree murder in the case he was arrested this week after authorities said they learned his. Dna was connected to the case. The twenty nine year old day and evans resident went missing in november. Nineteen seventy nine this after working a night shift at aims community college in greeley. Her co workers found her dead in the car. Her car the next day case went cold but it was reopened in may of twenty twenty. Dna evidence led investigators to die. Who was a student at aims community college when day worked there. Great police work six.

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