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And change in a heartbeat wsb depend on it but check i 285 for early delays in less than three minutes now at 539 wsb temperature's sixty police search for suspects after a manish shot and killed while trying to change a tire on memorial drive at boulevard detective say justin edwards leaves the restaurant with his girlfriend comes out to his car in finds his rear tyres slashed while changing one of the tires he shot and killed his father jolo a longtime community activists working to curb gun violence believes his son set up this was a hit but what raise natto joel edwards says his son justin a great dad to his 4yearold boy and he was working on on his master's degree plus working as a manager at lockheed martin to edit killers too many kardak two days later as a needs to be done about it robert orlinsky wsb one of georgia's longestserving mayors has died willie ray oswald led lake city for twenty nine years and first served on the city council in 1974 ajc reports he survived can't fifteen cancer diagnosis and two gunshot wounds from a hunting accident a city of jonesboro calls oswald a pillar in clayton county and a friend to all five years after being hit by a drunk driver a former woodstock high school athlete looks to inspire others italy moments word of the day persevere now five years after a drug driver ran over the former basketball player and fled the scene the woodstock high wolverine received honors and maiden inspiring speech for large group of cherokee county female athletes lomans injuries brummel 'table surgeries a continue rehab it she had learned how to walk talk and read again.

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