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In and near the area. Last night. We were able to mobilize a couple of those teams into some of the hardest hit areas were deeply concerned about Mexico beach and the areas between Appalachia in Panama City beach. Hundreds of thousands are without power and in places like Panama City residents are being told to boil their water before drinking it many roads closed cell phone towers are down in preliminary damage. Estimates are in the billions help from tennis superstar Rafael doll on the Spanish island of my Llorca. He was spotted swinging not a tennis racket, but a broom as he assisted in the cleanup of damaging flash floods on the Spanish island, at least ten people are known to have been killed others are still missing. The Dow owns a tennis camp on the island. He's offered it for shelter for homeless victims the into a rather the search for more victims continues as does the cleanup on the island of may. Orca wins. News time ten twenty six. Now, Bloomberg money watch on ten to wins. And here's Andrew O'day. It's easy to tell inflation which feeds the case for higher interest rates. Was a big worry. For Wall Street yesterday is the main index tumbled three to four percent each because as soon as we got this morning's big reading of inflation, the considerable declines for stock futures vanished. But like a bungee jump the snap back from the deepest depths doesn't always last long futures fell back again, then went up again. And by the time of the opening bell at nine thirty. We were headed a couple of ways right now and subject to change this day, perhaps more than most days. The Dow right now is losing sixty two points. A couple of minutes ago was down just about twenty following the Dow's eight hundred thirty two point loss yesterday the NASDAQ's three hundred sixteen point plunge yesterday and the SAP's ninety five point tumble yesterday right now, the NASDAQ though losing just eight s and p five hundred down ten points, even as declining stocks outnumbered advancing stocks about two one at the big board turnaround came as the Commerce Department posted the September consumer price index showing less than forecast point one percent month-to-month increase in retail prices the year to year increase of two point three percent. Also was less than forecast helping hold back..

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