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Forty it can't extent seventy newsradio the trump administration is scrapping obama era guidance on race based admissions policies for schools instead reverting back to the policy for george w bush era that encourage race neutral admissions roger clay is president of the center for equal opportunity in two thousand eighteen is it really makes sense for the federal government to be encouraging people to treat different students differently based on their skin color and what country they came from uc berkeley school of law professor and dean erwin jabotinsky explains how much of an impact shifting guides may have on schools not likely that this change in policy is gonna much practical effect by itself however the obama administration was trying to push college universities to engage in a firmative action programs the trump administration is trying to use its influence to push them against having affirmative action program many universities are already vowing to stick with their diversifications policies despite the trump administration reversal president trump met with three potential supreme court candidates on tuesday following four such interviews monday the president plans to announce his pick to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy swing vote monday chris cut a lago is white house reporter for politico these are all candidates who have been on a prevetted lists that goes way back to twenty sixteen when he ran and so i think the question comes down to as it often does with president trump chemistry and that's what he hopes to get out of these meetings he's also of course looking for someone who as he puts it could come from central casting someone within intriguing story to tell the president has promised to announce his pick on july tonight prophet auto safety.

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