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They don't have a ring they've been to the finals a couple of times, they don't have a championship. But now they're not even in that equation. They're totally in a rebuild and reload mode. And speaking of that, can we not leave this segment without talking about this trade that was bungled and then revived for Trevor Reza that happened late last night. Did you guys know wizards Memphis was this sows a three team trade? Yeah. Memphis, Washington in Phoenix. Trevor we Trevor reason was going to go to Washington. Memphis was going to give a player named Brooks to Phoenix the grizzlies thought they were giving up marshawn Brooks Phoenix thought they were given getting Dillon Brooks and neither team. Apparently, according go to ESPN dot com and look up the timeline of this trait. It's it's borderline hilarious. Apparently, the wizard the wizards were talking with the the sons about this and maybe talking about the grizzlies about this, but the grizzly grizzlies and the sons never talked about this early on. So that's why there was some miscommunication. The deal was actually supposed to take place last night and it fell apart. They said after a couple of hours after they were announcing it or maybe even within an hour that it was dead because of this whole mix up and by the way, someone asked. Hey, if you're Washington could you involve Scott Brooks in the trade, if they're looking for some type of Brooks Scott Brooks out of there. But apparently they've they've hash things out. And the trade is apparently going to go through Trevor REEs to Washington Kelly Oubre way and Austin rivers, go to Phoenix. And I'm trying to see who's going to Memphis in this whole deal. But it was it was comical, and that's kind of what the Suns are right now. They're kind of the version of the Arizona. Cardinals about ten fifteen years ago where they couldn't get anything. Right. That's kind of what the Suns are right now. And they've had a lot of success. So this certainly is not helping their cause I was looking online today. And this is remember a Saturday night in downtown Phoenix Stevie T you've seen that building talking stick resort arena. I've seen it. I've been in it from the outside. It looks great. There's palm trees I mean, you really feel like you're in the middle of the desert in this away. Awasthi downtown Phoenix. It would draw me in. So I think they've got a good situation already but seven dollars you can get into night for a Saturday night NBA game, seven bucks timber wolves and sons. So the Suns are sinking right now in the west clearly it opened in nineteen ninety two the building did. So that that's getting up there. We're we're closing in on thirty years old and a few years and we've brought this up before. For and it gets into local venues as well. Excellent energy center's been open going on twenty years. Now think about that. And this is the eighteenth season. They put they put a chunk of money into target center. How long will that last? We know what we went through at the Metrodome. I mean, ten years in it was kind of like this is not what we had hoped. It would be finally got replaced, but what is the shelf life? I have a story here that I that I read on deadspin earlier today. And and just a reminder deadspin is R rated language wise their articles there's a lot of good stuff in there. But the headline I won't give you the whole thing because it is an IRA did headline as well. But it it gets into the fact that Daniel Snyder is trying to get control of the land where the old RFK stadium. The old home of the Washington football team. He wants auto Landover Maryland and FedEx field that's antiquated that doesn't fit their needs anymore. It's too big. There's problems with that that building's what twenty years old? Yeah. So we're getting to a point. And I don't think Daniel Snyder is going to build this thing on his own. I think he's gonna want had publicly controlled land. He's gonna want development rights. I mean, we're starting to see the shelf life of these facilities. I'm not saying that's true with the ex. We don't know how much more or how many years we're going to get out of target center. But. Twenty years old..

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