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United States more of our conversation with Natalie Ferdy got politico dot com on our podcast the weekly and you can listen to it any time on the free C. span radio app or wherever you download your favorite podcast also be sure to follow us on Twitter at C. span radio this is a re air C. span radio programming from Tuesday next following that short break members of the house transportation and infrastructure committee resumed at December eleventh hearing on the safety of Boeing's seven thirty seven Max now during this portion of the hearing a former Federal Aviation Administration and former Boeing employee and other safety officials delivered opening statements before the committee this portion runs about thirty minutes okay votes are pending so we're going to move along right now even as my quick five minutes panel to I'd like to welcome the next panel Mister Edward piers and Boeing retiree appearing in his individual capacity with many years of experience in the industry Mr G. Michael Collins if a retiree appearing in his individual capacity again with many years experience in is regulatory rolled if a doctor my car Ensley president of essay technologies former chief scientist US Air Force former president human factors and ergonomics society and captain John **** president CEO of safety operating systems thank you all for being here today look for your testimony without objection your your full statement will be included in the record and so we will now proceed with your testimony five minutes is best want to summarize Mister Pearson I don't think it's on what was the buttons are have five zero record number graves members of the committee good afternoon thank you for inviting me to testify today my name is that some I would first like to provide my heartfelt condolences for all the families and friends who lost loved ones online air flight six ten Ethiopian airlines flight three oh two your loss and grief.

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