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Riddled with bullet holes The officers in that vehicle and they fired back out I'm Mike. DeNardo in south Philadelphia rapper general Risi is among two people killed and four wounded in a drive-by shooting in north Philadelphia it may be tied. In the neighborhood, I'm Steve power with. The third circuit court hands former Philadelphia congressman shock victory and defeat I'm Pat Loeb with the ruling on his twenty sixteen bribery case another headline, data driven session for, stocks all major averages trading not far from their best levels in stock market history from Morgan Stanley wealth management I'm Bob manning I'm CBS three meteorologist Chelsea Ingram. Look for mostly. Clear skies tonight with a low temperature of seventy. Two degrees and tomorrow mostly sunny with a stray afternoon shower storms especially for areas west. A high around ninety or break down the five day forecast when we check eyewitness weather on KYW NewsRadio all that and more coming up after we check traffic News, time nine oh two now it's time. For traffic and transit. On the twos real heavy. Delays on four twenty two westbound is due to construction work from trooper to, okay that's in the left lane eastbound twenty two looking. Pretty good not seeing any problems. Right now on the Pennsylvania turnpike and the northeast extension is looking pretty good now we do have. Construction out on the northeast extension really. Not causing any delays southbound right lane between quakertown, and Lansdale, ninety five northbound academy to. Woodhaven that is jammed solid did you right lanes are blocked four. Million paving southbound ninety five which is now the new two ninety five westbound approaching fourth thirteen delays that's right lane construction vine street expressway westbound. Just as you're, approaching the Schuylkill expressway. Westbound merger are seeing a little bit of volume right now the Schuylkill expressway east and westbound looking pretty good taking a look at the male, furniture jam Cam no, delays on the forty two freeway fifty five looking good also not seeing any problems either side of two ninety five all the Delaware river bridges are looking good Mass transit, that's on or close to schedule next. Update in less than. Ten minutes I'm Jim hub. Master in the TruMark financial twenty, four hour traffic center this is reporter's roundup Gun violence and Philadelphia two locations street violence out of. South Philadelphia and we begin with that part of our story a gun battle involving police leaving one man dead a. Police cruiser with plenty of holes in the windshield and officers perhaps wondering. How they escaped unscathed Abused Mike DeNardo returned from the same he. Is with us in the studio Mike how did this all begin it.

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