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I said things by message base lined up your, space a microphone in the room teddy listened to Mike Weber speech wrote it down and then reused it in. There Tougher I'm going to say this I love Mike Weber and He, was a young kid when I. Think I say young kid but. He was a, young kid. I remember how old I was. I was. Probably oh six when he came. Into the, team oh, six oh seven that at that time so I you know I've been on the team for, a few, years and he was, just the nicest, hard working you know obviously good looking guy but you know like he was just a, great guy and, to hear you say that he had, a he had a it's not my place to. Say it but, he had a not the easiest upbringing either so you know he's had. To deal with a lot. Of adversity and perseverance and You know I don't think, people understand that and you know. What I I used to love. I love is, the right word but I used to hear. The same. Things that people would say about. Him that, you're referencing, and I just I think these are people that have no clue what they're talking about period, about hockey, or knowing individual knowing, a character they couldn't be more wrong in all very for for what he did and how he played, skilled enough good, enough skater smart enough hard-working sacrificed did, it all great teammate but he's not my guy. But I love, them great choice about the pigeon but if we do spot show If we do the question, properly I mean obviously so, yes it would be Housley for me because of. RJ because of the because of Listening to game at that. Time and not being able to see many games and only hearing every night RJ going over the top with. The skill set of Housley, but I'd be doing disservice to my mother if I didn't say Jim Sean felt her favourite hours Guinness only but the best part is is the one guy that would be. Able to, go. Through year-by-year, and with great detail in every guy on the sabers history is Paul Hamilton Yeah I didn't realize that Al Hamilton had the role that he had with this. Team he in the first two years of the sabers. Existence he was the top scoring defenceman on the. Team he then bolted for the w. h. he was previously with the bison before he became a. Saber he then went to the w. h. a. he was twenty six years. Old The sabres were just starting to build into something and this guy at the. Like just I mean you think of prime career hard of that mix right so and. The little known thing about Al Hamilton is that he. Is the only non Cup winning oiler to ever. Have his jersey number retired he was the first to have his jersey number three retired he was. Potentially going to be a terrific steel for the sabres and build around so Would have been in a Cup. Final Because at that point he was becoming the top scoring defenceman for the Oilers when they were, in the. W. h. a. so anyway big loss. I didn't realize how good Al ham thirty four points playing here in one. Hundred and five pounds plans to, save the irony is if we're talking this numbers. Is that he left the next year Sean fell, took six and immediately won everybody over but it would have been nice to have had. Both of them and even more depth I can't tell, you that. Jim Sean feld for me I would I would not. Have remembered him for wearing number six there's other things that turtleneck fight with Wayne cash on three days Mboweni door a tall.

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