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Want a copy of today's program call the pacific a programme service at one eight hundred seven three five oth twothree oh that's one eight hundred seven three five o two three over a copy of today's program once again is dr michio kaku for exploration join us every week when we the fascinating world of signed sentenced impact on society and be sure to get a copy of my latest book physics of the impossible this is why our l p ninety six point nine outcome batteries kennedy radio listen online at why our dot org the mission of the nutro or to educate and guide our community has never been more important please consider a tax deductible gift the station that provides a forum for underrepresented points of view here in baton rouge give now at why our dot org and thank you for your support power to the people hi welcome to food sleuth radio where we help you think beyond your plate i'm melinda hemelgarn a'register dietician and investigative nutritionist on a mission to connect the dots between food health and agriculture and find food truth and today i am honored to welcome my guest dr anita sanchez she holds a phd in organization development she is a consultant a trainer a coach and storyteller who shares her native american heritage and wisdom of indigenous elders when our planet seems to need these voices most she serves on the boards of by in years and the patch a momma alliance she is also the author of a wonderful new book titled the four sacred gifts indigenous wisdom for modern times dr centres invites us to adopt a new view of.

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