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Story just ahead first traffic weather together every ten minutes on the fives at three twenty five here's daphne brockton all right we got a couple of cigarettes first off a sigler in south los angeles is on the southbound one ten and martin luther king it's an injury accident dc some slowing their expect some slowing when you get to exposition clears up by about vernon also a sigler two in anaheim hills this is on the ninety one the eastbound ninety one bad accident there at green river all lanes are blocked chp is diverting traffic onto green river road to get around that accident so there is a backup the two between the seventy one and the two forty one it's pretty pretty slow pretty backed up also still have that cal trans work calling on culver city this is southbound four zero five it is between the ninety and lottie hera two right lanes are taken up there just word of a collision right now on the westbound one zero five at a garfield overturned cars gone onto the right shoulder their next report is at three thirty five i'm daphne brogdon with more traffic reports more often came x ten seventy newsradio sixty six and san bernardino comedian cheech marin is getting zone museum in riverside but it's not about him or his antics with tommy chong is going to feature works from chicano artists he's collected over the years what to do with this collection and i i was gonna maybe give some pieces away to certain friendly museums and then i got this from riverside for the whole thing and that's something i never really even trained of you know because it was such a big deal says he's always liked art in wanted to serious collection with the public with suicide so much in the news here's a story of hope it's about two cops who did more than just prevented death cbs news correspondent steve hartman got their story on the road a lot of police officers go above and beyond but you have gone further than denver police officers monique said berry and the least martinez last year they got a call to check on the welfare of visually impaired fifteen year old boy named victor iran victor was used to being bullied but when somebody poured hot glue on.

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